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Growing a business through breakthroughs with Alonna Heller

Alonna Heller, the CEO of The Heller Creative CO, is a young leader, an entrepreneur who has started her business straight after college. On her journey to growing her business and making money, we have coached on a few challenges that most of us experience on the entrepreneurship journey: the need to be liked, not wanting to…

5 Mindset Shifts to Help You Create Better Results

woman listening to music in earphones while resting after home workout

I find myself writing a lot about mindset and high-performance and less about marketing, branding, or sales. And I started wondering why. It’s because, when I look at my clients, most of them know what business strategies they should be using. And what’s really slowing them down in seeing results are mindset and/or time management. …

Do What You Love and Make Money. Running a Successful Business as a Creative.

woman working at home with her laptop

Let’s be honest. Traditionally creativity and skills that follow it aren’t considered those that “make you money” in adults’ lives. Yes, most parents encouraged us as kids to draw, dance, and have a creative hobby. But the moment we grew up and started thinking about careers, they dreamed of us becoming doctors, lawyers, or bankers.…

The Lessons My Clients and I Learned in 2020 that Will Help You Grow Your Business in the New Year

woman in red long sleeve writing on chalk board

2020 left us – woohoo! I don’t think there is one person on this earth who’s not happy about that. Even if 2020 was a year of expansion and growth in their business. But before we dismiss the old year completely and start diving deep into the New Year, 2020 also left us with some…


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