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How to Grow Your Business with Less Stress and More Focus

It’s hard to manage it all. Kids in online school, maybe 9-5, sitting at home non-stop, getting disrupted by your partner, while trying to run your business: serve the clients, attract new ones, finish that project you’ve been working on for the last 3 months, be consistent with your content, and much more… Do you…

How to Beat Procrastination and Lack of Focus with High-Performance

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I’m not very fond of the term “time management.” Because how can we manage time? Time passes, and it’s a phenomenon that we cannot control. We all have 365 days in a year, and each day has 24 hrs. How can you manage something that cannot change and will always be the same? What we…

5 Reasons Why You’re Not as Highly Productive as You Want and What You Can Do About It

Have you ever felt like your workdays are nonstop “busy work”? Have you tried a bunch of productivity tips that were supposed to help you move the needle in your business and life, but nothing really worked long-term? And now you often wonder how highly-successful people do it all: run multiple multi-million dollar businesses, are…


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