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Experiencing an Unwanted Situation in Your Business? Here Is How to Make the Most Out of It!

Are you struggling right now in your business? Not having enough clients, enough time to find them, or personal issues, making it hard to stay consistent in your business? You’re not alone.  Nobody’s life is perfect because, as humans, we’re not perfect. Even the most successful encounter challenges and don’t have their journey filled with…

5 Limiting Beliefs Blocking Your Success that You Want to Shed Now

sad isolated young woman looking away through fence with hope

Every one of us carries some baggage of limiting beliefs. Whether we got them through school, our parents, or society in general, doesn’t really matter. What matters is that now as adults, we have the power to shed them. Getting rid of beliefs that don’t serve us and replacing them with those that do is…

Start Dealing with Imposter Syndrome Now Using These 7 Strategies.

Have you ever thought of yourself “I don’t know what I’m doing, and people will notice” or “I’m a fake”? Do you attribute your current success to sheer luck that you don’t deserve?  Or maybe such thoughts and feelings come up mainly when you start something new, like running a business or public speaking or…


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