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Instagram Marketing Tips, Tricks, And Expert Advice For Businesses

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written by Victor Lane If you own, manage, or operate a business in today’s digitized world, you already know that marketing your business on social media is integral to any modern business’s overall digital marketing strategy.  But when it comes to marketing their businesses on social media, managers have many options available in terms of…

4 Ways Your Story Helps You Stand Out From the Crowd and Attract Your Ideal Clients

Sharing one’s own story might feel natural for extroverted entrepreneurs, but it’s not that easy for introverts. And yet your story and your voice with it are the most powerful marketing tools in your business. Wasn’t part of your story what motivated you to start your business in the first place? Why not use it…

The 5 Must-Have Skills to Succeed as a Female Entrepreneur and Where to Learn Them

If you’re a female entrepreneur, you already know that personal development is a foundation of your success. Learning and honing skills is a must. It’s an ongoing journey that never ends, a journey that’s challenging and fun. Because when you grow, your business grows. As your business scales, the specific skills you need will evolve.…

Hope: A Powerful Tool for Entrepreneurs. Now Even More than Ever.

With the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak around the world and a lot of nations doing their part to stop the spread, one thought kept coming to my mind. No, it wasn’t fear (although I’m scared), nor the angst (although there’re moments I’m anxious). It’s been HOPE.  All the stories I’ve heard about hope helping people survive…


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