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Coaching and Naming Wisdom: The Value of Listening to Feedback

A guest article by Grant Polachek Effective coaching and leadership rely on one common thread: listening and responding to feedback. We explore this complex arena of feedback’s multiple facets – its significance to coaching, leadership, business naming decisions, client testimonials, market research results, feedback channels, market research, and its use across industries all impact coaching/naming…

How Women are Shaping the Future of the Tech Industry

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by Laura Clay At a time when technology is evolving faster than ever before, it is no surprise that women are becoming more involved in the development of innovative breakthroughs. From coding to product design, there has been a rise in female participation throughout the tech industry. As a result of this increased involvement, women…

10 Easy Steps for Mompreneurs to Feed Your Family Healthy Meals

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Growing a business while raising a young family and sometimes even working a 9-5 is challenging. And as moms, we also want to keep our family healthy and not feed them pizza all the time. Although it’s fast and so convenient ;). I personally love to cook but only when I have time. One of…

How to Start an Online Business that Fits Your Life

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Women are making better and better strides in entrepreneurship. The number of women entrepreneurs is rapidly growing, including in the online world. We own 36% of businesses worldwide.   Most women entrepreneurs I talk with and help started their businesses to create a lifestyle that fits their values (family, ethics, sustainability), creates time freedom, and provides…

The Journey to Great Leadership Begins

Thanks for joining me! My passion for leadership has inspired and motived me to start this blog. As I am building it to serve you better, please enjoy this first read below. Are leaders born or made? I believe that leaders they are mostly made.  Yes, some people might have been born with pre-dispositions or…


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