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7 Bad Habits That Are Harmful to Your Business Now and How to Change Them

Success is non-negotiable for you as an entrepreneur. And you have plenty of good habits that are leading you there right now: your drive and creativity being two examples. However, since building an empire is exciting and daunting, you might have accumulated a few bad habits. Whether you have all 7 of them or just…

Make Your Personal Brand Stand Out with These 3 Key Strategies

There has been a lot written about personal branding. Not so long ago, I wrote a blog about branding through leadership, and today I’m writing one more.  Why is it important to be intentional about your personal branding, you ask? Because as an entrepreneur, especially a service-based one, you’re also your business’ brand. Your actions,…

The Holistic Approach To Avoiding Procrastination and Moving Your Business Forward

Most of us experience prostration occasionally. However, some people procrastinate more than they’d like to, and 20% do it chronically even though it causes them real mental pain. How? By bringing forward remorse of not being productive, not accomplishing the goals they set out for themselves. It, in turn, creates negative self-talk and the loss…


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