My name is Maggie Perotin. I am a mom in a blended family with 4 kids. I love spending time with my family, in nature, traveling and healthy cooking.

As a business and leadership coach, I help female entrepreneurs grow their business without overwhelm so they can live the life they want.
Through my DREAM-PLAN-DO coaching model, I help you reach your full potential and get results while maintaining balance in life.

I have over 13 years of coaching and leadership experience in the corporate world. I have led, grew, and fixed various high-performing operational teams spread across Canada.  I have also managed a portfolio of facilities, run national programs and construction projects. Business strategy, analytics, high-performance, coaching and mentoring are my genius zones.

I use all my knowledge and experience to help you grow your business in a strategic and creative way. With my support, you’ll build a successful business that attracts your ideal clients and a brand that showcases your uniqueness. You’ll reach your full potential and become a powerful CEO of your business you’re capable of being.

My Mission

I am here to empower you to grow your businesses strategically, stand out from the crowd, and take full control of your time.

And since there is no mission without values, i.e. the principles that guide our decisions, here are mine:

This clarity of values is an essential support, a North Star in times of darkness.
Brené Brown, Dare to Lead

What My Clients Are Saying

Maggie Perotin has truly been the spark I needed to finally declutter my mind and set my priorities from a place of calm and focus on my end goal. In just an hour a week, we were able to take a look at how I was currently spending my time and make the shift to more productive activities for the benefit of my personal brand and mental health. Of all of our achievements together, I KNOW HOW TO PLAN MY WEEK! My month, even! Without feeling stressed overwhelmed. Maggie gave me the confidence and tools to do that. And she does it with so much grace and patience. Our meeting time each week really felt like catching up with a friend…but a friend that was going to make sure you had cleared your inbox and written your blog post for the week LOL. Maggie is an organized, professional, and understanding mentor with the ability to remain encouraging while holding you accountable for the goals you set  for your time together. She has a great grasp of task management and is an absolute joy to work with. In our time together, I’ve gone from having no plan to being better able to choose what to say no to based on whether or not it aligned with my overall goals. That shift is priceless to me. She’s made me feel capable of achieving so much.  I can’t recommend partnering with Maggie enough!
– Jasmine Petite, Louisiana US

The most amazing coach. Maggie Perotin helped me in shaping my business especially my meetings with my team. It’s working. I recommend her to anyone struggling with her business.
– Nana Adoja A. Sifa, Initiator of Guzakuza, www.guzakuza.org, Co-Founder of Yo!Gate Foods

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