My name is Maggie Perotin.

I help my clients become amazing leaders so they can build and grow healthy businesses based on vision, mission, values and focused on people: your customers and employees if you have any, and of course you!

I have lead 24/7/365 client-facing environments and teams that successfully supported service delivery for hundreds of others across Canada. I had also a privilege to collaborate with others as part of a national client service delivery team, personally responsible for a large portfolio in the Greater Toronto Area.

Throughout the years, I have learned, experienced and proven that with a great skilled leader a team can be happy at work, successfully go through change, and love what they do while delivering incredible results.

To put it simply, leaders are made.

Leadership skills can be learned and mastered. The price teams and organizations pay for bad leadership is very high and can be avoided.

It’s because of great mentors and teachers that I encountered throughout my career, I can firmly say all this. They guided me and taught me skills thanks to which I become a better person and leader.

But I have also experienced bad leadership. I have seen how quickly it can break strong and winning teams. And those experiences made my vision to eliminate unhealthy workplaces very clear and really drove me to start this business.

No one deserves to have their self-confidence shattered or to live in constant stress that affects their well-being, family and results at work. And truly it is not a winning strategy for any business.

That is why for us leaders, building cohesive teams and healthy cultures are not just the right things to do, they are also sound strategies that generate great results. Companies like Google or Amazon that most of us admire and many others are living proof of this.

My Mission

I want to do for you what my mentors and teachers did for me.

I am here to inspire and enable you as the leader of your business to build a mission-driven, people-oriented, and healthy organization that brings value to your customers and helps you lead a holistic fulfilled life.

And since there is no mission without values, principles that will guide our decisions, here are mine.

My Core Values:

Simplicity – may common sense be always with you

Excellence – grow only for the better through extreme focus

Courage – leadership that is brave enough to build cohesive teams and healthy organizations

This clarity of values is an essential support, a North Star in times of darkness.
Brené Brown, Dare to Lead