The programs below are for managers, executives, business owners as well as new and aspiring leaders who want to learn and upgrade their management & leadership skills, be successful and move up in their career. You will also learn how to have fun in business and love your job!

1. Time management

We live in busy times when everyone seems to be running around not able to catch their breath and enjoy their lives. You definitely do not have to be that way.

Do you find yourself constantly busy working a lot but feeling like you are not achieving anything?

Do you feel stressed with time running away from under your feet and you have so much to do?

Do you think about home at work and about work at home, feeling like you are never in the right place?

Would you like to feel less overwhelmed and have a sense of accomplishment every day?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, my Time Management Program is for you!

How will you benefit:

  • Feel less stressed or overwhelmed & gain back the control fo your days
  • Learn systems and develop custom tools that work for you and allow you to achieve more in less time
  • Gain clarity and extreme focus on your most important goals
  • Reduce stress and increase your job satisfaction
  • Gain better work-life balance by being in charge of your time
  • Become Master Planner & Scheduler
  • Get ready to grow in your career, business, and personal life

2. Effective communication

Your career, business growth and ability to lead depends on effective communication. Communication is a learned skill that everyone can improve.

Can you always get your message across in a way that inspires action and outcomes you expect?

Have you ever experienced issues with outcomes due to miscommunication?

Are you nervous about public speaking and presenting?

How will you benefit:

  • Learn to listen actively and ask the right questions
  • Know how to “read a room” – 90% of communication is non-verbal
  • Gain the ability to apply right in-person communication techniques to engage others and inspire action
  • Learn to match the right communication method with your communication goal
  • Learn how to write effective e-mails and other business communications that create connection, alignment, and understanding
  • Learn how to develop and deliver engaging professional presentations
  • Learn how to give and receive feedback
  • Understand the value of self-awareness and authenticity

3. Building a high-performing & cohesive team that delivers results

Are you a new manager who has just realized that skills that got you the promotion are not the ones you need to be successful in your new role?

Or maybe an individual contributor who wants to get promoted and become a Boss?

Are you an entrepreneur who thinks of hiring help to grow the business and has no idea where to start?

Or maybe a seasoned leader who needs help with getting their team to perform to their highest potential?

If “YES” I the answer to any of the above then this program is for you!

With this program you will grow your management skills & competencies and be able to:

  • Fully understand your management roles and responsibilities
  • Learn how to design a new role that will attract the right candidates
  • Gain knowledge on how to hire good people, promote the right people to the right roles and to let people go if necessary
  • Learn how to set and communicate organizational goals that get results
  • Learn how to adapt your leadership style that is right to the situation and meets the needs of individual team members
  • Use effective coaching techniques to maximize your team’s performance
  • Learn different ways of motivating your team members and increase their engagement
  • Gain confidence and ability to lead effective meetings
  • Apply delegation strategies to increase productivity and motivation
  • Learn how to lead your Team through change

4. A custom program tailored to your needs

After reading the benefits of each program, you feel like you need a bit of each?

No problem, I can customize the program and tailor it to your experience and needs.

Let’s book a free consultation to see how I can help.

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