How to Find More Clients Online

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I’m so excited that you decided to take serious steps in growing your business and signed up to do this!

Over the course of 5 video sessions, following my DREAM-PLAN-DO coaching model 🤩, you’ll get the exact tools you need to put your dream business on the online growth trajectory. Yes, in less time, with less wasted money and in a way that’s actually in line with your strengths and values.

So without further delay, let’s get to work!

Session 1 – KICK-OFF VIDEO

In this video, you’ll learn more about this training, myself, and take away the first critical lessons.

Below each video, I’ve attached downloadable worksheets and additional BONUSES. All the worksheets are designed to complement and enhance your learning. If you do them, you’ll be able to take the fruits of your work, implement right away and start getting results!

Hello & Welcome 😊!

Session 1 Worksheet


Today, we’re going to DREAM up your Ideal Client. Even if you know it, it’s good to review and get even more specific. WHY?

Because not knowing who’s your Ideal Client is like trying to get to a place you’ve never been to without a map or GPS. 

Let’s Get Crystal Clear On Who Your Ideal Client Is 🤗

Session 2 Worksheet


Are you all in love with your Ideal Client yet? I am with mine!

When you’re feeling love and abundance towards your ideal client, wanting to help them, such feelings will come through in your content marketing and later on in sales 😊.  

Your ideal clients will subconsciously know that you have their best interest in mind and will start trusting you.  I’m sure you know the 3 foundations you need to establish first before they ever buy from you.

  • Know
  • Like
  • Trust

Those foundations are sequential and cannot happen without each other. Before your ideal clients will even consider TRUSTING you, they HAVE to LIKE you first.

This process starts with making your business visible to your ideal clients an letting them know you can help a.k.a marketing. 

How do you do that?  Watch the below video to DESIGN and PLAN your very own Online Marketing Strategy and Copy.   This way, you’ll start building Know-Like-Trust foundations with your Ideal Clients. As usual, feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, it’s FREE coaching 😊

Marketing Masterclass!

Session 3 – Worksheet + BONUS 1: 10 Instagram Hacks You Should Know About

P.S. In case you think you won’t be able to come up with enough ideas for your copy, read what Michelle T. (Weight Loss Coach) had to say after just one session with me:

Maggie’s help was amazing! She is smart and knowledgeable! She was able to take my before and after feelings from women losing a lot of weight and really provide me amazing ideas and a way to create copy that will honestly and with empathy help move my ideal client to the decision if my offer will help them. I would totally recommend Maggie for coaching copywriting (…) she is awesome!”


Yes, you are selling all the time 😊. How?

  • When you try to convince your kids to eat veggies
  • When you’re planning a vacation and deciding on a destination with your family
  • Or even when you ask someone for a favor

Selling is natural especially when it comes from the heart, feeling of love. When you have your Ideal Client’s best interest in mind, you’ll help them solve a problem or achieve a goal with your offer. And that positive feeling of care and love will transfer to them.

How do you do that? This video and homework will prep you for any sales conversation, help you feel natural and good about it. PLAN your next sales success right here with me!

We Sell All the Time

Session 4 – Worksheet

And here’s what Monika & Bogdan M. wrote:
After our company went trough partnership changes, we had to rebuild it from the beginning. Maggie helped us improve the copy on our website and other marketing materials. She has also worked with us on several strategies for attracting new clients. Her coaching truly helped us move the business forward. Not only was it always relevant to the uniqueness of our challenges but also the industry. We’d recommend Stairway to Leadership’s (Maggie’s) services to anyone!”


The fact that you’ve been sticking through and completing the entire training with homework is showing me that you are the LEADER of your business, the CEO, committed to its success. Congratulations!

Nothing will change if you don’t take action now. You won’t improve your results if you don’t implement what you’ve learned so far. What a loss that would be!

Loss of your valuable time, energy, and opportunities that are waiting for you out there to grab them. 

Being the CEO of a business starts with leading by example.
Doing what you said you’d do & when you said you’d do it.

Are you with me?

Today, I’m helping you with action, implementation, and doing. Only this way you’ll get results.  And because business is fun, we can have a lil dance party at the end 😉. So ready? Let’s go!

Nothing Happens Without Action – Are You Ready to Execute?

Session 5 – Worksheet + BONUS 2: Finding 10 HRS of Time Weekly in 10 Minutes

This is how I’ve been helping others in this area:

 “I met Maggie at a Durham Woman Network meeting in 2019. She was extremely busy that night, but her message was clear and positive and I decided to reach out to her afterward. It was the best decision I have made for my small photography business. She pushes me when I procrastinate. She has also helped me get organized. She has created a network of very supportive women and provides tons of training and chats to keep me motivated. Thanks to Maggie, I keep hope to be successful.” Gale D. 

 “I worked with Maggie as a client while beginning my Alternative Medicine Practice in the online world. Maggie was extremely helpful in providing me with the tools I needed to make my presence online. Having her ongoing support for 12 weeks enabled me to make better use of my time and to efficiently strategize on how I would market myself. I definitely recommend Maggie and her services to anyone looking for a business coach! “ Liz. H (Health with Liz)

If you have questions or would like to brainstorm your anything form your homework, don’t hesitate to book a free strategy session with me below.

Congratulations! You should be proud of yourself!

You’ve completed the DREAM-PLAN-DO: How to Find More Clients Online training that helped you to re-look at your business, design and decide on next steps.  You’ve probably even started doing the plan or at least created a few hours in your week to do that 😊.

Thank you so much:

  • for actively participating in the training;
  • for showing up every day wanting to learn and reaching out to me with your questions;
  • being pro-active and determined to make your business work.

I’m soooo proud of you!

Please, take all the learnings and A-HA moments you had in the past 5 sessions and use them. Be strategic and move your business forward now!

You are a leader of your business and I strongly believe that you can become amazing when you step into your full potential!


And if you want to amplify your results, and achieve goals that you never thought were possible to achieve, then work with me.

Through the 12-week program and my DREAM-PLAN-DO coaching model:

  • You’ll align your business with your dream life vision;
  • You’ll have an overall simple strategy (including marketing & sales) that will strengthen and grow your business;
  • You will have clarity on how to implement this strategy without overwhelm;
  • You will have a step by step plan every day on what to do to achieve laser-focus and get results you’ve been hoping for (and more) much faster.

If you’re a bit like me, committed to up-leveling your business and living the life of your dreams, then we should talk! There is no better time for it than NOW. 

Here’s what Gwen and Jen say about working with me:

“Come hell or high water, Maggie Perotin shows up, for the community she’s created, online and in real life. Through reading her Stairway to Leadership blog, tuning into her online training sessions, and in one-to-one meetings with Maggie, I’ve learned so much about entrepreneurial life.

I’m Gwen Tuinman, a novelist and speaker. Working with Maggie has shown me that a creative brain and a business mindset can co-exist harmoniously inside the same head. With her influence, I’ve more clearly defined my authorship goals and identified the necessary skills and strategies that will ensure I meet them.

If there’s ever a must-know-now situation, Maggie is quick to support. No dream is too big or too impossible with the guidance of someone so expert in her field and passionate about helping women reach their potential.”

“Maggie has been such a gift to me and my business. She learned about my business and my offerings as well as my individual needs of my business. I loved that her recommendations are personally geared for me and my individual situation, rather than everyone who is in the same type of business. She constantly checks in and we chat about the progress as well as the tasks that I need to work on. She has helped me with easy to follow goals. I have been in business for 10 plus years and Maggie is a wealth of knowledge. I HIGHLY recommend Maggie. She is an invaluable resource who will take you to the next level.” Jen J.