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So many women entrepreneurs are telling me …

They’re afraid to take their business to the next level or even to start it
They’re not sure how to get better results and scale
They’re scared to set goals because they don’t want to be discouraged when they don’t meet them again
They struggle to engage their audience with their copy or don’t know how to build an audience in the first place
AND they’re finally ready to uplevel their business, but they’re not sure what the next step would be

What We Do Together


  • You’ll have a clear vision for your business and align it with your dream life
  • You’ll learn how to conquer imposter syndrome, procrastination “busyness,” self-doubt, and self-sabotage
  • You’ll learn how to be creative, innovative and find inspiration on demand
  • You’ll become an expert in your industry delivering value and receiving value in return
  • You’ll step up to the powerful CEO role in your business you truly are


  • You’ll know exactly how you stand out from the crowd and how to communicate it clearly to others
  • You’ll learn how to plan and create simple business strategies that will guide you step-by-step on how to scale your business
  • You’ll learn how to create content that converts and engages your audience consistently
  • You’ll learn how to sell without feeling “salesy,” “pushy” or uncomfortable
  • You will hone and simplify your offering so it is the best it can be: for your ideal clients and your goals


  • You will learn how to hack your brain to show up, be consistent and follow through with your plans – even when you’re afraid, discouraged, or when “life happens”
  • You will know precisely how you get clients consistently and predict your income
  • You will master your time to be present for your business, yourself and family
  • You’ll develop high-performance habits to maximize the time you have and work smart before working hard
  • You’ll learn how to be accountable to yourself even when I’m not around anymore

Your Time Is Now

Your first step is to set-up a free initial consultation with me below. This way, we can get to know each other better first. On that call, we’ll see if we’re a fit and can make the decision to move forward or not.


Come hell or high water, Maggie Perotin shows up, for the community she’s created, online and in real life. Through reading her Stairway to Leadership blog, tuning into her online training sessions, and in one-to-one meetings with Maggie, I’ve learned so much about entrepreneurial life.
I’m Gwen Tuinman, a novelist and speaker. Working with Maggie has shown me that a creative brain and a business mindset can co-exist harmoniously inside the same head. With her influence, I’ve more clearly defined my authorship goals and identified the necessary skills and strategies that will ensure I meet them.
If there’s ever a must-know-now situation, Maggie is quick to support. No dream is too big or too impossible with the guidance of someone so expert in her field and passionate about helping women reach their potential.
– Gwen

I worked with Maggie as a client while beginning my Alternative Medicine Practice in the online world. Maggie was extremely helpful in providing me with the tools I needed to make my presence online. Having her ongoing support for 12 weeks enabled me to make better use of my time and to efficiently strategize on how I would market myself. I definitely recommend Maggie and her services to anyone looking for a business coach!
– Liz

Maggie has been such a gift to me and my business.  She learned about my business and my offerings as well as my individual needs of my business.  I loved that her recommendations are personally geared for me and my individual situation, rather than everyone who is in the same type of business.  She constantly checks in and we chat about the progress as well as the tasks that I need to work on.  She has helped me with easy to follow goals.  I have been in business for 10 plus years and Maggie is a wealth of knowledge.  I HIGHLY recommend Maggie.  She is an invaluable resource who will take you to the next level.  
– Jen