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The main goal of each event is to help you grow your business.

How? By helping you consistently attract high-quality clients and become a high-performing leader of your business.


Design Your Success 2023 – free 5-day planning challenge for service-based business owners

“There are dreamers and there are planners. The planners make their dreams come true.” – Edwin Louis Cole.

2023 is around the corner, and your business is looking forward to your strategic attention. Set aside 1 hr a day for a week to become a strategic CEO and intentionally Design Your Success. Recession or not, you are the leader of your business and in charge of its results.

I invite you to join me in the annual 5-day challenge – Dec 5th to 9th at 3 pm EST. Design Your Success 2023 is where you plan and make your business dreams come true.

This event is based on Jack Welch’s “learn today and apply tomorrow” philosophy so you can start seeing results immediately and not wait till the New Year. 

DAY 1 – You’ll assess your 20222 results and learn how to achieve any goal you set.

DAY 2 – You’ll dream big, setting 2023 goals and taking control of making them happen.

DAY 3 – You’ll assess the risks and figure out what exactly you need to focus on to make 2023 successful

DAY 4 – You’ll learn how to make strategic decisions, and you’ll practice this new skill in the decisions you make in your business. 

DAY 5 – You’ll get super clear on strategic actions to accelerate your success and learn how to avoid the main traps many entrepreneurs fall into while trying to make their plans successful.

Design Your Success 2023 is FREE. You’ll receive the most value by attending it LIVE. All registrants will be provided with the recordings of each session. 

Secure your spot by scanning the QR code on the graphic or via the button below.

Event date and time: Monday, December 3 – Friday, December 9 at 3:00 pm EST.

Check your spam or promotional inbox right after the e-mail with details on how to join.

See you there!


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