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How to Sign Clients Consistently Without Ads or DMs


You want more clients consistently.

You’re trying to figure out marketing and sales for your business, so you’ve been experimenting with different strategies.

Maybe you’ve tried paid FB or Google Ads but saw no results. Or maybe you don’t want to even go there given the tech knowledge and $$$ investment needed.

Because of it, your mind is going directly to: “OMG, that means I need to DM people!” Cold messaging strangers feels so unnatural. It reminds you of a sleazy car salesman tactic that many of us have.

You don’t want to be them – I get it!

Cold messaging doesn’t work for everyone. And that’s OK.

There are so many other ways to sign clients.

Why feeling all weird when instead …

You could be having fun marketing your business.

You could be feeling compelled to talk to your clients about your offer.

You could be enjoying building genuine relationships.

And as a result, your clients could be engaging with you, buying from you, and referring others.

All while they’re feeling grateful for your help, and you feel like your offer is valued and needed.  

How to sign Clients Consistently without Ads or DMs is a 90-min webinar that will teach you how to get there.

I’m running it LIVE, with no replays, on three separate dates:

During the 90 minutes you’ll learn:

  • 10 most common mistakes entrepreneurs do when marketing their business and how avoid them
  • 3-step process for signing clients without Ads or DMs
  • Consistency formula to keep your business growing

Knowing what actually works and how to apply it are foundational stones of any thriving business. Learn them with me.

Webinar dates and time: April 12, 13, or 14 @ 11 am EST.

Check your spam or promotional inbox right after the e-mail with details on how to join.

See you there!


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