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The main goal of each event is to help you grow your business.

How? By helping you consistently attract high-quality clients and become an authentic and high-performing leader.

Income Accelerator Challenge


Income Accelerator Challenge

This free 3-day event is for you if:

  • For the past 5 months, you’ve worked your butt off to grow your business, but have seen inconsistent results in terms of income it brings every month
  • Your mind keeps thinking about a $100K business but you haven’t made $50K in 12 consecutive months yet
  • Every time you have a good income month you think it was “luck” that created it and you have no idea how to repeat it consistently (to the point that making $100K in a year seems intimidating).

Through this event, I’m creating a container for you to work on your business, as a strategic CEO, and not in your business, as an employee.

Each day we’ll spend 1 hour together learning, coaching, and brainstorming about strategic aspects of your business. If on top of it you commit to spending 15 mins a day to go through the worksheets I’ve prepared, your income will accelerate.

You’ll come out of this challenge:

  • Knowing what’s not working in your business and why
  • Being super clear on your Ideal Clients and irresistible offers that serve them at the highest level
  • You’ll know how to attract them and hit your income goals consistently
  • Having a plan on how to get where you want to be
  • Believing you can create a 6-figure business if you want to

If it seems like something you can benefit from, decide now to attend.

Challenge dates and time: June 20 – 22 @ 1 pm EST.

Check your spam or promotional inbox right after the e-mail with details on how to join.

See you there!


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