“I’m finally starting to understand myself!”, “Maggie, it’s always like you read my mind!”, “I realized I can come up with solutions!”, “Remembering that I’m the CEO and get to change things when and how I want”

“Thank you, perfect messages for me.”, “I really appreciate your time, effort, and content of this workshop”  – these are just some comments amongst hundreds that were shared during the live event.

That’s why DESIGN YOUR SUCCESS 2022 became free training to help even more female entrepreneurs experience amazing breakthroughs and create their success in the New Year.

I loved Maggie’s Design Your Success 2022 Challenge. As a business owner, I didn’t truly develop goals for my business, rather some task list, and just ran with one task after another throughout the year. Within 2 days of the challenge, I evaluated my entire year, what went well and what didn’t and I actually set goals for the upcoming year.
Now, I feel super focused, accomplished and a sense of structure for my year to come. I also feel energized to wrap up some unfinished tasks to be ready for 2022! 

Susi K., Creative Blueprint Design

You can achieve any results you want in your business if you believe in their possibility, take 100% responsibility, stay committed, plan & take action.

Have an amazing experience!

DAY 1 – Learn from the Past, Believe in the Future

You’ll be assessing 2021 as a year in your business.

As crazy as it was, there are lots of great lessons we can all take from our experiences. So Take Time to Think (4T’s), use the worksheet below, and reflect on the questions in there.

In the training, I’ll show you how to take those reflections to the next level so that they create tangible growth in your business, and more!

DAY 2 – Dreaming BIG

Day 2 is all about setting BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOALS.

Getting yourself to the place of possibility. Possibility of you doing what it takes to achieve it. And even the inevitability of you achieving this BIG goal.

So that you can create your commitment.

So that you can make decisions for your business from that place.

Because without commitment it’s hard to consistently do what it takes to get there. Understand your commitment. Work on it, if you need to.

DAY 3 – WHO First, Then the HOW

Two days down, three to go. This is the point most people quit.

I’m inviting you to think and feel differently than most people are used to. This is hard coaching.

This work isn’t easy. But procrastination, feeling like you’re not progressing, or hustling isn’t easy either.

And as you heard me say: How we do one thing, is how we do everything.

So if you can stay consistent in this challenge for 5 days, you can also stay consistent implementing your plan in 2022. And the rewards of that consistency are soooooo worth it.

In today’s homework, I’m offering you a bit of mind-bending journaling exercise. Imagining your successful future self and writing a letter to your current self.

Sometimes this exercise can feel a little weird but go with it. Be willing to try. You will learn a lot especially when you respond to the rest of the prompts as well.

And in the training, we’ll explore WHY it is so important and how to grow into a true LEADER of your business.

DAY 4 – Making Effective Decisions

How are you feeling?

You’ve been doing a lot of deep high-level thinking.

And that can literally cause your brain to hurt (I’ve got a bunch of that over my 3-year long MBA journey 😊).

If you’re experiencing it for the first time, don’t be scared. It’s normal. It’s actually a wonderful thing.

You’re expanding and growing as a leader!

Welcome it. Journal about how you can feel excited about it.

In today’s homework, I’m asking you to face your fears.

To bring forward all the potential (real or imaginary) challenges that your brain tells you you’ll encounter.

Once you do that and decide on how to handle them, you’ll be able to focus on achieving your BIG GOAL. Because you’d have given your mind peace of mind, of addressing the unknown. Of knowing what to do if “THIS” happens.

And in the video training, we’ll explore how to create strategic and exponential growth for your business.

DAY 5 – Time to Take Action

Things are heating up. Get ready for action!

Today you’re diving into HOW you’ll hit your BIG GOAL.

Breaking it into smaller goals and then into actionable steps that are not overwhelming but feel doable. Ones that make you feel excited or simply ready to go out there and take action.

Your brain is going to want to tell you that you don’t know how.

Suspend the disbelief. Be willing to write things down that you don’t know for sure will work – but MIGHT work. Be willing to be wrong. Be willing to try and fail and tweak and try again.

And in the training, I” teach you a simple money equation for your business.

Because making money is simple.

By now you know that I’m looking for committed and passionate entrepreneurs with BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOALS to join my Diamond Effect coaching program.

The process we follow and things we work on together in Diamond Effect is the FOUNDATION for your business for YEARS to come.

I’m always telling my clients, the difference between doing this work and not is hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s you becoming a successful leader of a 6 (or more) figure business … vs. you having “a jobby” for the next 5-10-15 years.

With the Diamond Effect process you will:

  1. Develop a self-concept of authentic and confident Leader so you feel more genuine and certain when you market you business.
  2. Establish and get clear on your Business CORE to know exactly how you stand out from the competition. This way, you can establish the know-like trust factor and your expertise with your audience.
  3. Nail your Customer Journey – so that you are confident in YOUR VALUE & OFFER and get excited about networking and marketing your business.
    This way, your ideal clients trust you and feel safe to engage with you and buy from you.
    Just imagine if you felt EXCITED, CONFIDENT & COMPELLED to share who you are and what you do with your ideal clients?
  4. Create a simple yet strategic plan – so you KNOW exactly where your clients are coming from and what to do. Which allows you to really BELIEVE in your goals rather than just “trying to believe.”
  5. Become a high-performing CEO – to take effective and intentional action, ditch the hustle and create HARMONY in your life.

This program teaches you how to be effective, intentional, and strategic in your business. How to create a thriving business in less time, spending fewer resources, and saving yourself TONNES of overwhelm or frustration.

Think about now … if you knew exactly how to get your audience engaging with you, attract your BEST clients who buy from you, and become your biggest fans and word-of-mouth marketing source?

What would that mean for you and your business?

What else might change in your life?

What you do today, creates what you get tomorrow.

I want to help you create your dream business today.


Madison Lee, CEO & founder of Lovelee Creative Media
Alonna Heller, CEO & founder of The Hellers’s Creative

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