“Powerful,” “extremely valuable,” “super helpful,” “inspiring,” “motivating,” “made me realize what I need to do to succeed” – are just some comments amongst hundreds that were shared during the live event.

That’s why DESIGN YOUR SUCCESS: HIT YOUR INCOME GOALS IN 2021 became free training to help even more female entrepreneurs experience amazing breakthroughs and create their success in the New Year.

I loved Maggie’s Design Your Success 2021 Challenge. As a business owner, I didn’t truly develop goals for my business, rather some task list, and just ran with one task after another throughout the year. Within 2 days of the challenge, I evaluated my entire year, what went well and what didn’t and I actually set goals for the upcoming year.
Now, I feel super focused, accomplished and a sense of structure for my year to come. I also feel energized to wrap up some unfinished tasks to be ready for 2021. 

Susi K., Creative Blueprint Design

Yes, bringing consistent income into your business is possible, no matter what others or your negative brain is telling you. Have an amazing experience!

DAY 1 – Learn from the Past, Look to the Future

You’ll be assessing 2020 as a year in your business.

As crazy as it was, there’s lots we can learn from it. So take a bit of time, use the worksheet below, and reflect on the questions in there.

In the training, I’ll show you how to take those reflections to the next level so that they create tangible growth in your business, and more!

DAY 2 – Facing the Fears

Day 2 is all about setting BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOALS, getting excited about them, and also facing the fears that come with them.

Yes, the fears. I see it all the time with women entrepreneurs.

They are excited about their amazing big goals but within days within days want to back off because the negativity in their mind gets to run wild…

That’s why for day 2, you also get to list ALL the reasons your goal for 2021 is not possible. Write out all of the obstacles in your path because it’s just really your mind showing you the growth portal.

And in , I’ll show you how to go back through and solve each and every one of them.

DAY 3 – Who Do You Have to Become

Two days down, three to go. This is the point most people quit. This work isn’t easy. I’m inviting you to think and feel differently than most people are used to. This is hard coaching.

It isn’t easy – but the reward is sooo sweet for those who keep going.

Today I’m asking you to do a bit of a mind-bending journaling exercise.

Imagining your future self and writing a letter to your current self. Sometimes this exercise can feel a little weird but go with it. Be willing to try. You will learn a lot especially when you respond to the rest of the prompts as well.

And in the video below, we talk more about who you have to be to achieve your 2021 goal.

DAY 4 – Time to Take Action

Things are heating up! Get ready for action!

In today’s worksheet, you are diving into HOW you hit your goal. Breaking it into smaller goals and then into actionable steps that are not overwhelming but make you excited to go out there and do them!

Your brain is going to want to tell you that you don’t know how. Suspend the disbelief. Be willing to write things down that you don’t know for sure will work – but MIGHT work. Be willing to be wrong. Be willing to try and fail and tweak and try again.

And in the video below we’ll be talking more about your action plans and what you need to DO.

DAY 5 – This Is Where Magic Happens

Why Have I chosen to make DAY 5 all about real unscripted LIVE coaching?

Because I wanted you to get the most out of this challenge. I hear women telling me all the time. They take on a course or a challenge, have fun doing it, even learn a lot but when it’s over – they have no idea how to make use of it in their business.

My clients get amazing results because apart from learning, they get individualized feedback from me on how to implement those learnings and get consistent results in their business. To watch the LIVE Q&A coaching, you’ll need to join my free group first here – Women Entrepreneurs with Passion 4 Life.

PS. Every Wednesday at 7:30 pm EST, I go LIVE for free Q&A in the group! So not only you can learn from others by joining, but also have an opportunity to get your own questions answered anytime :). Once you’ve joined, you can quickly access the DAY 5 Video here.

By now, you have also heard, I am enrolling for my Business Results Accelerator program.

But really, it’s more than a program. It’s a commitment to yourself and your business and a mastery of your CEO leadership skills.

You may not have realized, but the moment you decided to start your business, if you also decided to make money, you decided to become a CEO, committed to its consistent growth. And this takes work, dedication and energy. I always tell my clients that owning your business is an amazing way not only to help others but also become a bigger version of themselves and their lives.

When you really learn how to be visible to your clients, make offers in a way that feels natural, and show up consistently with the right mindset, you’ll make more money, faster and with less overwhelm.

In Business Results Accelerator I’ll give you access to my proven DREAM-PLAN-DO coaching model.

It covers everything from mindset, marketing, all the way through the entire sales process and onboarding, new clients, to high-performance that will help you do all that without overwhelm.

Just look at the amazing results Alonna H. got just in one month!

In 2020 I graduated from college and decided to chase my dream as an entrepreneur. In the face of a global pandemic. Maggie and her mastermind helped me grow in ways that I couldn’t even imagine. I overcame mindset challenges, learned time management, sales, and money skills, and met my year end income goal in one month!
If it wasn’t for Maggie and her mastermind I would still be wondering what to do next, waiting for the timing to be perfect. Instead, I am working every day towards my goals and dreams. This mastermind was awesome, if you are passionate, but need a push in the right direction this program is for you!”

Allonna H., Heller’s Creative

You’ll get access to on-demand video training, access to LIVE weekly individualized coaching, and a community of other female entrepreneurs as motivated and dedicated to their business growth as you!

So keep the momentum going by working with me.

Get started here by filling in the application form & meeting with me one-on-one first on a discovery call.

And these were Jenni’s results:

After trying every productivity strategy I read about online with lacklustre results, I found Maggie. In the same month, I started receiving coaching from Maggie, I doubled my income even in the midst of a family emergency. After another family emergency came up in the second month of coaching, with her guidance, I doubled my income again.
In the third month, I maintained my new income level, hired a staff member, and scheduled myself completely for the month ahead with plans to expand my business and do some more hiring. Beyond that, her insights go so far beyond building good habits. She has a way of completely shattering your perception of what you think you can achieve, then replacing it with mind-blowing possibilities that you suddenly realize are completely achievable. Those new mindsets alone have taken me farther than I could have imagined. This is how she has changed my life for the better at least three times over. It happened so often, I started losing count. – Jenni, founder of WP Pros(e)

Jenni M., founder of WP Pros(e)