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In this virtual coffee chat, you tell me about any current challenges in your business. I ask you some questions and as we speak I offer great and valuable advice on how you can overcome them, get immediate results and move your business forward!

Sometimes, having someones else’s perspective makes all the difference.
Why? It’s because you get to see everything from an angle you cannot see right now as you’re too close to the problem.
The result? An obstacle that seemed insurmountable at first becomes simple to overcome.

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More Testimonials

Hello! Just wanted to thank you, Maggie, for helping me sort out my life and improve my productivity by being more conscious of how I leverage my time more effectively.
Being a Mom of two toddlers, who don’t seem to be out of energy from early morning to late at night, while starting a business is pretty overwhelming!
But since working with Maggie, especially regarding Time Management, I’m happy to say that I’m more at peace because I know I already mapped out my weekly activities and which ones to prioritize to do, I’m able to do more stuff without running in circles or wasting precious time anymore.

Frances D., Pintrest Strategist

Maggie’s help was amazing!  She is smart and knowledgeable!  She was able to take my before and after feelings from women losing a lot of weight and really provide me amazing ideas and a way to create copy that will honestly and with empathy help move my ideal client to the decision if my offer will help them. I would totally recommend Maggie for coaching copywriting or doing copy for you she is awesome!

Michelle L Thomas, Weight Loss Coach

After our company went trough partnership changes, we had to rebuild it from the beginning. Maggie helped us improve the copy on our website and other marketing materials. She has also worked with us on several strategies for attracting new clients. Her coaching truly helped us move the business forward. Not only was it always relevant to the uniqueness of our challenges but also the industry. We’d recommend Stairway to Leadership’s services to anyone!

Monika & Bogdan Maksymiuk

I worked with Maggie as a client while beginning my Alternative Medicine Practice in the online world. Maggie was extremely helpful in providing me with the tools I needed to make my presence online. Having her ongoing support for 12 weeks enabled me to make better use of my time and to efficiently strategize on how I would market myself. I definitely recommend Maggie and her services to anyone looking for a business coach!

Liz Chavarria, Health with Liz