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Simple Isn’t Easy. But Easy Doesn’t Bring Success. It’s time to KonMari your business!

Good sound decisions require ‘mental energy’ that gets depleted throughout the day by various circumstances. That’s why simplicity has so much power. When you keep things simple in your business, you can maximize your decision-making capabilities and with it your results. Did you know why Steve Jobs was almost always dressed up the same in…

Your Greatest Opportunity to Become a Highly Performing Entrepreneur Is Now. Don’t Waste It. Read This.

“At the brink of every ending, is a new beginning waiting to be noticed.” Gwen Tuinman This quote from my dear friend, novelist Gwen Tuinman, holds so much power. Every ending starts something new. But are we always prepared for it? Are we ready and open to see when the opportunity presents itself to us?…

Hope: A Powerful Tool for Entrepreneurs. Now Even More than Ever.

With the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak around the world and a lot of nations doing their part to stop the spread, one thought kept coming to my mind. No, it wasn’t fear (although I’m scared), nor the angst (although there’re moments I’m anxious). It’s been HOPE.  All the stories I’ve heard about hope helping people survive…


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