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Feeling stuck? This read will help you get promoted and turn your new manger role into a success.

Todays’ post starts week 2 of the New Manager Series. This week I am talking about how to get promoted within your organization to a manager role. But also, once you get there how to turn it into success. So if you are working in a position that you feel you have outgrown and want…

Short Story: The Truth About What Parenting and People Management Have in Common

More than we realize. I have been managing people longer than I am a parent. And although I sometimes joke that “I have a daycare at home so don’t want it at work,” the truth is parenting, and people management have a lot in common. The subject is so vast that I could write an…

E-mail Communication Help: Crucial Tips Your Boss Forgot to Metion

In today’s world, e-mail has become one of the primary means of communication. Whether it’s at work or home, some of us receive hundreds of e-mails a day. Who can read and process this much, I ask?? In my workplace some people can have whole e-mail conversations lasting hours or days on a subject that…


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