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A Hobbyist or a CEO? Which one are you? Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster 2/3.

Welcome to week 2 of the Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster series. Last week, we talked about the lifeline of any business – your clients. This week, the topic shifts to you – the most significant asset your business has. Many entrepreneurs start their journey as hobbyists. They have an idea about something they love to do;…

Ready. Set. Grow! How the Right Mindset and 5 Key Steps Can Propel Your Business into Growth.

Back in 1980-ties, researchers became interested in students’ attitudes about failure. A group led by Dr. Carol Dweck noticed that some students rebounded while other students seemed devastated by even the smallest setbacks. Throughout her studies, she coined the terms fixed mindset and growth mindset to describe the underlying beliefs people have about learning and intelligence. In…

The Hidden Strength of Highly Successful Leaders that You Can Start Developing Today

A highly successful leader is like an iceberg. What you see is only 10% of their power, the other 90%, it’s real core, is invisible to the eye. This invisible power was described by Daniel Goleman in 1995 in his book Emotional Intelligence. Numerous studies on most effective leaders discovered that Emotional Intelligence (EI) skills…


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