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How Mastering Just 3 Things Can Create the Success You’ve Been Looking For

Success doesn’t just happen to you. You need to create it. I’ve seen many articles on why most people will never be successful. But, today, I wanted to write one on how you can be.  Because those who achieved their dream success (and what that means is different for each person) aren’t smarter than you.…

Karoshi? Not If You Take Vacation.

Even though North American work ethic is not as extreme as Japanese, we’re still not taking as much vacation as our European neighbors. And yet vacation has sooooo many benefits that it should be easy to choose it over karoshi (a Japanese term for death by overwork). Because the vacation season has begun and COVID…

Entrepreneurial Overwhelm: 5 Reasons for It and 10 Ways to Deal with It.

Being an entrepreneur is not easy, especially in the beginning, but even later on. There’s so much to learn and to do, so much information to filter through, no wonder that can be completely overwhelming. That overwhelm is like tuition fee to the school of hard knocks, a.k.a. Entrepreneurship.   If you’re there now: feeling like…


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