How to Get The Most Out of Free Training Events

If I sign up for business training, it’s because an expert I trust runs it and covers the topic I want to learn more about to move my business forward.

If I invest my time in being there, I also ensure I make the most out of it.

Here is how:

  • I show up prepared to take notes (or screenshots) and learn.
  • I’m in a space without distractions where I can be focused on point 1.
  • I pick 1-3 things I learned that I will implement in my business. 
  • If the host offers more free support during/ after the event, I happily take it.
  • Once I am ready to get more help from them, I become their paid client to speed up the growth I want in my business.

Pursuing self-growth and investing my resources in it has been the most critical component in my professional career and even my personal life.

First, building a 6-figure corporate career (in a male-dominated industry) as a first-generation female immigrant in Canada. And then deciding to leave that to build (and keep scaling) a successful coaching business.

That’s why I create my free events to offer you enough value so you can take 1-3 things, implement them, and get results.

I offer free consults, too, so that you can take what you learn, and I can help you implement it even better by adding tailored to your expert advice. And when you want more and faster growth, you can decide to work with me as a client.

For now, let’s start with this free training.

If you want to scale your business, Mastering Sustainable Growth: Scaling Your Business with Passion and Balance is the masterclass for you.

In this masterclass, I want to teach you the framework my clients and I use to scale our businesses while creating more balance and fun overall. Because as entrepreneurs, we created our businesses for that very reason.

To become LIMITLESS.

To do things on our terms.

Limitless in what we can create and how.

So let’s do that. Shall we?

No more holding back.

No more feeling busy, overworked, and overwhelmed.

Learn my simple 5-step framework for sustainable scaling and 3 CEO mindsets to help you implement it.

Stairway to Leadership – Business Coaching by Maggie Perotin – How to Grow a Successful Business

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