How to Achieve Any Goal

5 Steps to achieving any goal

You’ve been trying to make $3K – $5K monthly this year.
You get close to it, but every month something happens.
Something prevents you from reaching, not to mention consistently making this amount. That’s what worries you the most.

Today I want to share with you a method I use to achieve any goal.
I follow it myself in my business and life and when coaching my clients to ensure they, too, can achieve any goals they set.

I’ll share it by telling you a story of my wanting to see an annual salmon run in our area. It’s a miracle of nature in the fall that I didn’t want to miss this year.

1. Pick a strategy that aligns with you and your business

My goal was to see the salmon run. We live close to a forest and a stream offering a fantastic view all year round. And in the fall, an adventure of salmon laying eggs after having swum hundreds of miles in their lifetime journey. It usually happens between September and October but the exact timing changes every year.

There are a few streams in my area where this happens. Each one of them has many access points. In your business, think of many marketing tactics for you to choose from.

We picked one that aligned with the experience we wanted to have. It’s close. Less known. Not frequented as much. It has a beautiful trail along the stream with stunning views.

2. Give it time to succeed.

Every Sunday, we usually go for a walk as a family. Since I’m not an expert in fishing or salmon runs, I didn’t know the exact start date. So we started hiking in that area early in September to ensure we didn’t miss the run.
The first Sunday, the salmon wasn’t there. The walk was super fun, but I didn’t achieve my goal yet. The following Sunday, salmon wasn’t there either, even though we had a great time hiking together.

3. Be willing to fail

I thought, “O.K., if we go the third week again, they will 100% be there.” There have been years prior, we came in mid-September, and the salmon run was well underway.
My kids made me promise that it would be the last time I’d take them for a walk to the same spot :). And guess what? Even on the third try, the fish weren’t there.
Yes, I was a bit disappointed. But I didn’t make it mean anything about me as a hiker or nature lover.

4. Evaluate and learn

I started evaluating by asking myself why the run hadn’t started yet. I asked experts, fishermen, that happened to be there that very third week. They taught me about the temperature and the water level and how that changes every year. The salmon need rain and cooler temperatures to be able to enter from the Great Lakes into their childhood streams.

In your business, think about your ideal clients. They’re waiting at the doorsteps for you to create perfect conditions for them to say YES to your offers.

  • It might be the way you communicate with them.
  • It may be where you are visible.
  • Maybe you’re not offering to help them often enough.

5. Adjust and implement

Two weeks passed. It rained a lot during that time. The temperatures fell.

I knew the run must have started, but I promised my kids not to take them there again. And I keep my promises. So I had to figure out another way.

One sunny weekday morning, I decided to enjoy it by walking with my husband. We went to the spot alone. And guess what? The salmon was there!
The sight was priceless. Yes, I did take a bunch of videos and pictures to share on my social media that day. I was soo proud :)!

You can achieve any of your goals.
Be willing to pick an informed and aligned strategy.

Give it time.

Don’t shy away from failure.

Learn what you’re missing.

Adjust the execution of the strategy and keep going.

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