Our Half-Year Round-Up: Business Growth Inspiration for the Rest of 2021

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It’s time to celebrate! Because we’re half way through the year. 

We’ve achieved a lot together in the past six months and we’re incredibly proud of this community of female entrepreneurs who work with incredible dedication to support one another and achieve their goals. 

Let’s stay on track to tackle the second half of the year with the same level of commitment and passion. 

Below, we rounded up our six favorite blog posts from January to June. We’re sure you’ll find inspiration as you reflect on the first half of 2021 and plan for the rest of your year:

1. 5 Mindset Blocks Standing in the Way of Your Dream Income and How to Overcome Them

If the conversations that you have with yourself, about yourself aren’t always positive…and are sometimes, in fact, quite negative, then this article is for you. 

We take a deep dive into the five most common mindset blocks that women entrepreneurs put in their own path to success and tell you how you can overcome them. 

2. Do What You Love and Make Money. Running a Successful Business as a Creative

If you’re in the creative industry or you incorporate a lot of creative tasks into your business, then keep reading!

This article is packed with inspiration based on anecdotes from five real-life female entrepreneurs, like yourself. 

We interview these creatives and business leaders to find commonalities and mindset secrets that make their companies run. 

3. The Ultimate Guide on How to Be More Effective as a CEO

If you’ve ever wondered whether you’re truly cut out to be a CEO, you might just find the answer in this article. 

Here, we explore seven strategic tactics and methodologies that successful female CEOs use to keep their businesses running like clockwork. 

Not to mention, you’ll learn great tips for improving effectiveness and productivity, no matter which stage your business is in. 

4. 15+ Free Must-Have Apps for Running Your Business Online

Content calendars. Social media management. Marketing collateral. It all needs to get done some way, some how. And if you don’t come from a marketing, communication, or design background, it can be tough to know where to start. 

…We’re here to help! 

Read through and explore our collection of tried-and-true apps that make running a digital business that much easier. 

You’ll learn about apps for email marketing, content creation, client retention, bookkeeping and so much more. 

5. 6 Ways to Harness Stress for Greater Productivity

Stress gets a bad rap. In actuality, stress can be a great motivator and is even proven to increase productivity at times. 

That’s why we sat down with three business leaders and entrepreneurs to learn how they utilize stress for the better. Additionally, we give you six tips that are sure-fire ways to reframe your relationship with the stressors in your life. 

In short, if you’re dreaming about reducing your stress, stop! Rather, read the full article to use all of that stress to your benefit. 

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