5 Secrets of Making Effective Decisions to Scale Your Business

Growth and with it progress come from feeling uncomfortable.

The biggest leaps I made in my life came not even from uncomfortable decisions but rather scary and terrifying ones.

I remember my mind offering me the doom and gloom scenarios of what would happen if I took on what I wanted to take on.

And yet looking back, I’m so grateful to my past-self that despite that fear I made those decisions. That I stood firm and was willing to “fight” for me with my brain and also whomever else came in my way of trying to dissuade me from making them.

And trust me there were attempts.

“What if it doesn’t work out?”

“What will people whom I love will think about me?”

What if they’ll be disappointed or even won’t want to talk to me anymore?”

“What if I won’t be able to support myself financially?”

All the what-if’s!

And the truth is … that barely any of these what-f’s ever materialised.

The ones that did weren’t nearly as scary as I thought they’d be. Moreover, I figured the way out of them.

And you know what the best part is?

That those scary and difficult decisions CHANGED MY LIFE. They changed it so positively & profoundly that I wish everyone could make theirs for themselves.

And it’s not to say that making scary decisions will make your life perfect. That it will eliminate “life happens” events, or that your negative thoughts will go away.

But with the confidence of making the best decisions for yourself (no matter how scary they are) you’ll know 100% that no matter what happens, you’ll figure it out.

You’ll have the skill, resilience, ability and possibility to do it.

Just like I do now.

Even if you don’t know about it, it’s all there, dormant. You can wake it up and use it to your advantage.

Imagine just how amazing it would be not to self-sabotage yourself anymore because you can make great decisions for the future you who achieved her dream results.

Even if they feel very very uncomfortable.

Because feeling uncomfortable and uneasy about important steps in your business (and life) is normal.

Growth and results you want (but don’t have yet) come from new decisions.

And our brain feels scared precisely because they are new. It as no past experience for now to rely on to tell it everything is ok, you’re not going to die”.

When you learn how to manage that unease and fear, you can create the results you dream of.

And I can teach you HOW to do that. Just how I thought myself and am teaching all my clients.

This video training is the start.

And once you watch it and want to know more on WHAT decision you can make to get you closer to your dream business results and HOW to make them for yourself, schedule a free consult with me first here.

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