4 Lessons Dance Can Teach You About Growing a Successful Business

I love to dance. It’s so much fun! The 6 years I spent dancing in a dance theatre in Poland were the best years of my teens. My daughter loves it too and is way better at it even at 9 (look below of some pictures of ours ;)).

Dance taught me many valuable lessons that I use in my business and while coaching my clients. I picked four key lessons to share with you in this blog today.

1. You need to know the basics. 

To be a professional dancer rather than a hobbyist you need to learn the key principles of dance technique. Be it ballet, hip hop, or ballroom, without knowing the basic steps and moves you won’t go far.

Same with your business, you might get some clients from your immediate network and by talking to people, and that’s a great start! Like movement to the rhythm is a great start for dancing.

But to gain consistency and really scale your business to the professional level, you MUST learn some basic marketing, sales & finance skills. 

2. You need to practice, practice, practice. 

Nothing happens without action – consistent action.

It’s repeating the same moves over and over again, day in and day out. To do that, you grow patience. Because in the beginning, your moves (results) can be clunky, won’t flow well and you’ll be tired. Sometimes even discouraged.

But when you persist, you’ll start mastering the moves, they will start flowing with ease, and you’ll learn any new choreography (strategy or tactic) much faster. 

One day you just become a professional without even realizing it. You’ll make everything look effortlessly to the outside eye. 

3. To achieve mastery you need to express yourself. 

The skills, action, and consistency form the foundation. Without them, you can never call yourself a professional dancer (the CEO of your business). Without them, you’re a hobbyist. 

However, to become a master you need a little bit more. 

You need YOU. 

Dance is a form of art. To create a masterpiece, the artist needs to express their emotion, be vulnerable, show themselves to the world for the world, so the audience can really SEE their art.

The same applies to your business. You attract your clients for being YOU.

For being authentic and expressing through your marketing and branding what you are all about. That’s how you’ll have clients coming to you and asking to work with you. 

4. You need great teachers to help you with everything above. 

There is no professional dancer who has risen to where they are all on their own. They have been blessed with the teachers and coaches who stood by them every single step of their journey.

Those teachers taught them what they knew, encouraged, picked up when they lost confidence, motivated, and help them be accountable.

It’s the same with your businesses. All highly-successful entrepreneurs had mentors, coaches, and advisors along the way in their journeys. They were their teaches helping with achieving mastery.

In your business, this is where I can come in.

My individualized coaching support, video lessons, journal, and everything else you get when you join my Business Results Accelerator coaching program take you from a hobbyist to a professional business owner.

You become the CEO who not only has the skill to run a seriously successful business but also a master of knowing who you are, being confident and proud of it AND showing that to the world. 

That is how you’ll be attracting 2, 3, 4, 5, and even 10 paying clients every single month!

If you’re ready to make that switch and want to know more about how it would look for you, fill in this form to schedule a free discovery call with me.

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