5 Mindset Shifts to Help You Create Better Results

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I find myself writing a lot about mindset and high-performance and less about marketing, branding, or sales. And I started wondering why.

It’s because, when I look at my clients, most of them know what business strategies they should be using. And what’s really slowing them down in seeing results are mindset and/or time management. 

Since I’m always focused on creating results for them, I am writing about a topic that will complement the blog from earlier this year on mindset blocks.

Making these 5 mindset shifts will help you make more money in your business. 

Shift 1: from blaming to 100% responsibility

When we blame external circumstances (others, economy, universe) for the results we’re not happy with, we give our power away. We renounce the belief that we create our future, and everything is possible when we do it.

We’re always responsible for the results that our actions create. Of course, we are not responsible for many things that happen to us, but we’re in control of how we react to those things. 

Because our brain likes the easy way out, when things don’t go our way, it works against us. It directs our thinking to the external circumstances most of the time, trying to stay comfortable, safe, and protect our ‘ego.’ Even if it means us becoming miserable. Because we end up withdrawing from pursuing our goals hopeless and thinking that no matter what we do, the results won’t come due to all those circumstances around us. 

So the next time you start thinking that the reason why people aren’t buying from you is them, Facebook algorithm, or the economy, stop. 

Stop, take a deep breath and go back to things you can control. 

You can’t control other people’s reactions, or social media platforms, or the world outside. But you can control the value you put out there, how many people you meet a week. You can manage your energy and emotions, how you listen to them, and whether you tell them what you do and how you can help them.

Your results are within your control as long as you take responsibility for your thoughts, emotions, and actions. 

Shift 2: from avoiding fear to welcoming it as your lighthouse to success. 

Fear is our brain’s response to the unknown. This is how our primitive brain is wired to keep us alive at all costs: “ahh, we haven’t done that before – it must lead to death! So I’ll come up with all the ideas why then we shouldn’t be doing it.”

And yet, every result you ever wanted in your business lies on the other side of fear. Fear is actually a great indicator of what we need to do to achieve our goals. It shows us the way. 

Sacred of FB lives, but deep down, you know you should be doing it to inspire others? Now you know what to do. Terrified of talking to people? Networking is the first organic step to finding new clients.

You have to walk through the fear, push yourself out of the comfort zone. The success you dream of is on the other side. Courage will help you with that. And you do have courage – I know that 100%! 

How do I know? Because you feel fear. Without it, courage would not be needed. So use it and begin your hero’s journey today.

Shift # 3: from spending to investing 

As individuals, we spend time, money, energy, and other resources. As the CEO’s we need to invest the same resources.

What’s the difference?

When you spend, you don’t think about gaining more time or more money in the future. You buy a purse, a dress, or watch TV for 3 hrs, you’re not getting more funds or time in the future out of this.  

When you invest, you expect to get your resources back with a return in the foreseeable future. It’s like depositing your savings into the bank and getting the interest in return without losing the money you put in.

The shift that I’d like to offer you to make is to become the INVESTOR in your business. Whatever you do, whatever you buy, think of future results.

Is scrolling thru social media feed and comparing yourself to others creating a potential and space for future results?

Is buying that 10th online course really going to push me to be consistent? I’m going to take massive and pro-active action as I complete the course, or is it another way to escape to actually avoid all the “scary” but necessary things I need to be doing to grow my business?

Becoming an investor teaches you to take calculated risks. It teaches you to take scary but bold and smart actions investing your time, money, and energy into things that will deliver quantum leaps of growth in your business over time. 

Shift # 4: from “failures are something to avoid” to welcoming them as part of the journey. 

I actually don’t like to word failure. I want to think of it as opportunities for improvement. Because as humans, we are not perfect, and we will never be. So giving yourself permission to be human is the first real thought investment you can do for your business.

We can always get better. Your “failures” are great teachers. You will grow exponentially if you take the time to evaluate and learn from your experience. If you don’t get hung up on that one launch that didn’t bring as many clients as you thought it would, and instead, just learn from it. So that tomorrow you go out there and do better/ different/ more of the next thing.

You need to be willing to do consistently what other people won’t do to create enough momentum in your business. And that momentum is built from traying things out, “failing,” learning from that and trying different ways again. 

Shift # 5: Focus on giving value without expecting the result or the timing of the return

If you want your ideal clients to start coming to you to help them, you need to give value first. Massive amounts of it so it can create a ripple effect and come back to you.

Give 10 times more than you think you should. Don’t expect anything in return, and don’t pick and chose who you’re going to offer value to. Make every interaction with any human being meaningful and valuable to them. Be of service.

When you do that consistently for some time, your circle of influence will grow. You will be perceived as an expert, a leader who walks the talk, and people will be asking for your help.

Here’re 5 ways you can give value:

  • Inform – your knowledge and you sharing it is a valuable currency
  • Share your story to inspire others;
  • Listen – people need to be heard now more than ever;
  • Give perspective – it will create mini transformations, a-ha moments for your audience and establish you as an expert;
  • Create results for you – people will want to know how you did that, and they will want you to teach them as well. 

I hope that you found his blog valuable. And if you’d like to benefit from my perspective on your business: what’s working and what could be improved to help you attract more paying clients consistently, I want to offer you a free chat. You can schedule it here.

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