How to Beat Procrastination and Lack of Focus with High-Performance

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I’m not very fond of the term “time management.” Because how can we manage time?

Time passes, and it’s a phenomenon that we cannot control. We all have 365 days in a year, and each day has 24 hrs. How can you manage something that cannot change and will always be the same?

What we can manage is only what we do in that time, how we behave, and what we create. We can manage our focus. We can direct it towards the goals and dreams we have. We can manage ourselves to move away from procrastination and avoidance to action and being pro-active.

I call it high-performance. Because it’s not just managing random aspects of our life but actually a way of living. It’s a way where you consider TIME as your most scarce and sacred resource of all.

How does it look, you ask? Here are a few keys.

You are clear on what’s really important to you.

Many people know what they don’t want. But when you ask what they want, they have a hard time responding. That’s not the case if you’re a high performer. High performers are clear on what they want. They know exactly what’s important to them in their business and personal life. Strategic prioritization is a skill they’ve mastered.

You are intentional with your time.

Because they know what’s important to them, high performers intentionally spend their time on those things. They develop routines and habits that allow them to maximize their time. They know that time we all have in the same amount is the most sacred resource. For high performers, there is no wasting time mindlessly vegging on a couch watching Netflix for hours on end.

You can create time on demand.

High performers don’t complain about “not having enough time” to do what they want. Once they decided that something is important, they have systems and tools that allow them to create time on demand for anything they find important.

You are proactive and plan.

As a high-performer, you got to the point when you are hardly ever reactive through your habits. Yes, life happens to everyone, but it doesn’t happen out of the blue” all the time. When you are proactive, you don’t need to put out multiple daily fires because they have done things to avoid many of them. And this happens thanks to planning and focusing on the most crucial things in your business and life.

You don’t overwhelm yourself.

When you’re a high-performer, you know how to schedule your time without overwhelming yourself.  You don’t have a typical never-ending to-do list but tasks you complete within the time you planned – 90% of the time. You also know how to motivate yourself without putting the pressure of stress or tight deadlines you cannot meet.

You have your mind work for you not against you.

Negative thoughts and self-talk is part of all of us, human beings. It is how we are built and wired to survive. What separates high performers from other people is the ability to intentionally redirect their negative thoughts repeatedly and channel them toward positive thinking.

This skill allows them to create extraordinary results in their business and lives.

How do they do that? By having developed routines and habits in their day-to-day life that take care of their mind. I call it preventative maintenance and trust me; it works wonders! They also have tools that help them “repair” their minds when they get stuck in a rut much faster. Instead of roaming in negativity for days on end, they fix their thinking in a couple of hours or less.

You understand the importance of self-care.

When you’re a high performer, you know that your body, mind, and soul are what creates you. And that you’re your own most precious asset in this world.

That’s why you sleep enough, take breaks during the day, eat well, and stay active. Because you understand that self-care allows you to function at your fullest potential, be strategic, creative, and highly productive.

As you can see, being a high performer is a way of living rather than just being good at “time management” or having excellent “organizational skills.” A way that helps you create outstanding results while making you happier, more fulfilled, and at peace with yourself.

I teach all of this to my clients. And yes, they get extraordinary results within short periods. If you want to learn more about what it entails and how working with me can help you become a high performing female entrepreneur, click here to schedule a free discovery call with me.

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