How to Ensure Your Own Success with This Simple Tip

2020 has been hard for many of us. With everything going on in the world and in your own life, it can be all too easy to get crushed under the weight of it all.

I don’t need to tell you that. But, I can tell you that …

If you put in the effort with a few key strategies, you can find an endless well of motivation and inspiration to not only see everything through but to also guarantee your own success along the way, each and every day.

For years in my corporate job, I coached people’s success. Helped them be more productive, effective and efficient without burning out. I helped people within the company achieve more and get promotions. It’s just what I do.

Yet, I noticed an awful trend. The more I coached coworkers with elevated titles within the company or helped them get there, the fewer women I helped.

I noticed that women within the company weren’t getting promoted anywhere close to the rate men were getting promoted. Unfortunately, it had absolutely nothing to do with skills, talent, education, or capabilities.

It was bias, discrimination against gender – conscious or not, it was there.

I remember one particular meeting where my coworkers and I were meeting the new boss and we were going to get instruction on what to do next with a massive project we were working on.

In that meeting, there was me and I was surrounded by men. The new boss came in and introduced himself and as the meeting went on, he started delegating tasks to everyone.

Well, everyone except me.

The boss didn’t know any of us so the fact that I wasn’t acknowledged or assigned any work…

I was disappointed and discouraged. I didn’t feel very confident at that moment and I wondered if I was even good enough to speak up. I didn’t know if I should.

I thought about it and realized there was so much work to be done. If they were going to be successful, they needed my help and I knew I could help.

I spoke up and got a small assignment for me. When i was done with my work, I sent it back and offered some suggestions on what all of us could be looking at while working on that project. The new boss loved it. And at that moment I noticed that his perception of my ability to do the work changed.

He realized that my contributions were as valuable as those of the men on the team. And the only way I was able to help him make this realization because I got the courage to speak up and stand up for myself in the first meeting.

I overcame that fear because I knew I could help and I knew they needed all hands on deck. At that point, it felt like an obligation to speak up.

I let that feeling of obligation motivate me to do what I was initially scared to do. That’s the thing.

We often get so tied up in fear or a “right” way to do something, that we often miss opportunities for motivation to actually do it.

What may inspire and motivate me may not work for you. But the great thing is, you can find what works for you. It doesn’t even have to be the same thing every day.

Each moment, you can pick what motivates and inspires you.

You can choose what motivates and inspires you moment to moment.

As soul-crushing as that realization was in my corporate career, it also inspired me to start my own coaching business solely to help women reach the top. Especially if you have your own business, I want to help you reach your full potential, income goals, and dreams.

I let that be my inspiration and motivation every day.

If you’ve been following along with my blog posts this year, you may have noticed that I offer tips to help you be a successful CEO of your business. From finding your own motivation and inspiration through marketing, sales, and branding tips to helping you create new habits to be more productive and strategic with your time.

With each of these strategies comes the belief that you have what you need to succeed already inside you and now you also have the strategies to make sure you create that success outside.

These are all a part of my Dream✧Plan✧Do coaching system, success, and resiliency in every part of your life.

With this set of strategies comes an extra strategy already built-in: the system is self-regulating. These exact same strategies not only help you get on track with every aspect of your business (and life), but you can apply them to get back on track with the strategies themselves.

Even when you try them and they start working, but you slip up, that’s okay. You can apply the same strategies to fix whatever isn’t working about the personalized system you set up. You can do this with the exact same set of strategies.

You can create a new habit to check in with yourself every day, every week, every month, and any time you need it to proactively make sure you’re on the right track. When you realize you’re not, you can adjust your habits or create new, better ones. You know how to do that now.

Give yourself a moment to let that sink in. You literally have what you need to do whatever you want and be successful in it. Obstacles don’t have to trip you up.

You can pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get right back to succeeding at anything you want. You can do anything because you know how to do it.

When challenges come your way, you might not know the nitty-gritty details of what may happen next. But you can know exactly how to conquer them and guarantee your own success this way.

Knowing this offers an even greater gift: confidence.

Let it wash over you, inspire and motivate you. Anytime you need inspiration and motivation, you can draw on your new level of confidence knowing you know exactly what to do to succeed.

And that’s a new infinite well of motivation and inspiration you can draw upon at any time.

I know these strategies work because I’ve taught them for years and have been using them, myself. So, I hope you try them out so you can find more success, too.

If you want to go even deeper, there’s so much more you can do to gain even more momentum. You can reach out to me for a free discovery call here, where I can show you what and how you can do to create success in your business you dream about.

I wish you the very best in 2021 and beyond! May you achieve all the success you can dream up!

Best wishes,

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