5 Breakthroughs You Can Create for Your Busines in the New Year When You Take Time to Think

Last week I ran a 5-day challenge in my FB group. Design Your Success: Hit Your Income Goals in 2021. Over 100 women entrepreneurs signed up for the event. Even though the majority could not make it live, those who did, experienced the power of creating time for what’s important in your business.

They realized that the strategic planning of their business future isn’t that hard, creates powerful breakthroughs, and can be fun simultaneously, especially when done LIVE with a community of like-minded people.

“Powerful,” “extremely valuable,” “super helpful,” “inspiring,” “motivating,” “made me realize what I need to do to succeed” – are just some comments amongst hundreds that the participants shared over the five days.

Everyone took away many things that could skyrocket their business. And today, I want to share with you 5 thoughts that I noticed made an enormous impact. These 5 thoughts, one a day, if you really took them to heart and implemented in your business, could be all you need to make 2021 the best year yet!

1. No Action Is Action Too

When negative thoughts start ruling our brain, they usually lead to self-sabotaging behaviors. I see procrastination happening for women in finding “other” important things to do around the house. Or they find myriad excuses why they can’t do the one thing that will move their business forward. Instead, they think they need better technology, wait for the right time, take another course, try another “magic get rich in 3 days promise,” or they’re actually so paralyzed by fear that they don’t do anything at all.

But no action is action as well – the action of sitting and having disempowering thoughts that lead to self-sabotage and just feeling plain crappy. This type of action is often decided on by your subconscious brain, and you may not even realize why you’re behaving this way. The antidote to this is making a conscious effort to turn this around. 

How? This is one of the things I taught during the challenge. If you want to get replay access to all fice videos, read this blog till the end 😊.

2. Your thoughts create your results.

I know it might be a crazy concept to grasp, but it’s backed by scientific research (just google). What we think about creates our feelings, and it’s the feelings that drive our actions. Just think of the last time you were feeling down and what you did at that time, and then go back to times when you felt fantastic and what you did then. And, of course, our actions create our results – a.k.a, our thoughts create our results.

Now what you think about depends on your mind’s input from the outside world and inside of you. That’s why guarding that input like a very protective parent will have incredibly positive effects on your results.

3. If you wait for things to be perfect, you won’t get far.

Perfectionism is one of the most common successes-prevention behaviors I see out there. Very often, it stems from self-comparison to others. And the worse thing is that we end to compare ourselves to people who are much more successful than us.

Ladies, all I can tell you is that those people paid their dues. They have been on their journey for much longer than you and didn’t get the result they have overnight. They did the work, were consistent, went for massive imperfect action (Tony Robins 😉). They fell and gotten up over and over again.

Perfectionism is paralyzing, disempowering, and doesn’t allow you to grow. Just remember that your ideal client now doesn’t care about your website being perfect, or you having a professional copy. All they want is to be understood and know that you’re ready to help them. And I guarantee that you can show them that right now with the knowledge and resources you have. Just go out there and do it!

Once you do, you’ll learn. You’ll get better and do it again. And if you keep doing it, others will start looking up to you as their inspiration.

4. If you wait too long, your brain will talk you out of even the easiest million $ idea on the planet.

Our brain is not designed to help us achieve our full potential and prosperity in life. Our brain is designed to keep us safe and alive and do it using as little energy as possible. That’s why if you do not take intentional steps to learn how to command it, how to deal with disempowering thoughts, and create ones that serve you, you’ll not achieve your dream goals.

Just think about it … How many times you had this great idea to implement in your business or invest in yourself to grow, and the longer you started thinking about it, the less compelling that idea became? The longer you waited, the more “reasons” your mind came up with why it’s actually a bad idea and why you shouldn’t be pursuing it. Right?

As an entrepreneur, you need to learn to be decisive and act, be the CEO. And I’m not advising you to be reckless and go after everything right away. What I’m saying here is to be strategic in your business plan ahead of time – understand what you need and then either go and get it or when the opportunity presents itself on that very thing, just go for it.

Some of the best things in my life happened because of decisions I took even though my emotional fear-based brain gave me a million reasons why I shouldn’t. And yet my heart, my gut, and the logical brain had this faint voice saying “YES” – this is the right thing to do it. Have guts to listen to those quiet voices.

PS. In the challenge, we also talked about what you need to do to become a decisive CEO ;).

5. Believe in yourself

When you start as a new entrepreneur, you’re not alone, scared, and feeling like no one will want to buy from a newbie. The imposter syndrome is raging all over you. Even more experienced business owners go thru this fear every time they scale and uplevel.

What I learned and can tell you is that unless YOU decide to believe in yourself, the new certification, or even the first few clients, will not validate your belief. So start with your language (speaking from experience here :)). Instead of saying “I’m a new VA,” “I just started my graphic design business, “I’m a baby coach,” just say, “I am a VA, a graphic designer, a coach.” That’s it – no adjectives that diminish your confidence and your audience’s confidence in your ability to deliver value with your offer.

The more you practice with people you meet, the more confident you’ll feel in your own skin. You cannot expect your potential client to believe in you and your ability to help them if you don’t believe it yourself.

Right? How crazy would that be? That’s why the more confident you are, the more positive energy you’ll have, and people will feel it. They will get attracted to you and start believing in you, your skill, and the value you offer.

All right, so now that we got to the end …

I want to tell you that the free event – Design Your Success: Hit Your Income Goals in 2021 generated even more powerful thoughts for its participants. And the video-training from the event can do the same for you!

I didn’t create an “easy” sign up page for this training because I want to start training your brain to inspire you to action. So, if you want to benefit and have your own powerful breakthroughs, send me an email here to gain access to these amazing videos. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

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