5 Limiting Beliefs Blocking Your Success that You Want to Shed Now

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Are the limiting beliefs holding you back from business success?
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Every one of us carries some baggage of limiting beliefs. Whether we got them through school, our parents, or society in general, doesn’t really matter. What matters is that now as adults, we have the power to shed them.

Getting rid of beliefs that don’t serve us and replacing them with those that do is key to your business and life success. The first step to that is awareness.

Here are the 5 most common limiting beliefs that I see in female entrepreneurs and help my clients shed through coaching. 

1. Knowledge is power

As Jim Kwick said in his fantastic book Limitless, knowledge is power ONLY if you act on it. If you just accumulate knowledge and never use it, you’re only gathering information that doesn’t really serve you.

What I see in female entrepreneurs is that gathering knowledge is a pretext for lack of action. It’s a camouflage to avoid facing the fear of rejection and not putting yourself out there. They think that “if I do this one more course, read that one more book, and review the program I took a few months ago,” somehow, they’ll get themselves ready to go out there and serve their clients better.

In fact, there is a 99.9% chance you don’t need to learn anything new right now. Never in human history has there been so much information readily available, a few clicks away. Most people actually don’t have an information problem but an action problem.

So if you’re guilty of doubting your own knowledge, I challenge you today to shut down all those thoughts. Reframe this limiting belief into “knowledge is power ONLY if I act on it” and identify 3 actions you can take to move your business forward starting today.

2. I need to try everything that others are doing to be successful.

This belief is also rooted in fear of taking action and a lack of self-confidence. Our primitive brain is attracted to the next “shiny object.” That’s why tactics that allegedly will you make millions in three months are so popular. As humans, naturally, we shy away from hard work. We like easy solutions and fast results. And we’ll happily fall prey to “get rich quick” promises, especially when other people are doing the same.

The thing is that in business, you want to stand out. You want to be different so that your ideal audience can see and distinguish you from the sea of competition. If you do everything the same as others, you’re giving in your power of competitive advantage.

And yes, being different takes real work. I can take longer to figure it out, but when you do, you’re the one who wins in the long term.

The point I’m making here is that you don’t need to do everything that others are doing. You can have 3 simple business growth strategies that work for you, are unique for you, and focus on them. That concentrated energy you give them will exponentially pay off in much better results than anyone else around you.

3. There is nothing I can do about it.

When we start believing that there is nothing we can do about a situation, we give away our power, our control over our own business. When you do that, it’s easy to fall into helplessness and procrastination.

Instead, I believe that we always have a choice.

Maybe we didn’t choose what happened to our business and us (ex. the pandemic), the situation we are in, but we have a choice on how we react to it. And when you understand and embrace it on a deep level, this belief is freeing and empowering.

The thing is that when you think you can do nothing about a situation, it’s also a choice. And you can replace that choice with “I CAN do something about it.” “I will learn, think, and take action no matter how small,” and this attitude empowering and keeps you moving forward. 

To paraphrase Winston ChurchillIf you’re going through hell, don’t stop but keep going, and you’ll eventually get out of it

4. I don’t know what to post.

Yes, I know this limiting belief is particular to the online world. Still, hey, I help female entrepreneurs get consistent paying clients, mostly online, so it’s a big one.

My take on it is this is a bit of a lazy belief. As I mentioned above, we live in a world of information overload. A wealth of knowledge is literally one Google search away.

If you really care about your ideal client and take steps to learn what’s important to them, what problems and dreams they have, you’ll never run out of ideas for your content.

Yes, it’s good to have some tools in your pocket to know how to design your content to convert. But once you learn the basics, only practice will make you better.

And you know what’s also great? The more content you post, the more ideas come your way. If you pair that with some solid habits of consistency, you’ve just sped up your journey to business success.

5. If I give it enough time, it will work out.

Your business growth is actually not just a matter of time. Time in itself doesn’t matter. It’s what we do in that time that determines the results we get in our business.

Time isn’t the only aspect to influence our results. When you think only time matters, the way you show up in your business is different, less focused, and makes it take longer. You fill your days with actions that don’t lead to quick results.

And unfortunately, for many female entrepreneurs, this belief has them running out of time, money, or motivation to keep going. This leads them to give in to limiting belief # 3.

But what if you turned that around, took full responsibility for where you are, and figured out where the problems lie? You could turn things around fast. You could sign a client this week and get fully booked by the end of the year… Not by hustling, but by investing your work time only in the most effective things that move you forward.

You’re probably thinking: “Yes, Maggie, all this sounds great, but it’s easier said than done.” 

And my response is: I didn’t write this blog to leave you without solutions and help. I wrote it to get you thinking. And to offer you my support to shed your limiting beliefs for FREE. 

In 3 weeks, I’ll be running a FREE challenge for you to Design Your Business Success in 2021. It will be filled with not only learning or mindset work but especially with action 😊.

I invite not only to join but also to design its content to address your specific challenges. All you need to do is to fill in this survey here.

I hope to you see you taking action in the challenge! 😊

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