4 Ways Your Story Helps You Stand Out From the Crowd and Attract Your Ideal Clients

Sharing one’s own story might feel natural for extroverted entrepreneurs, but it’s not that easy for introverts. And yet your story and your voice with it are the most powerful marketing tools in your business.

Wasn’t part of your story what motivated you to start your business in the first place? Why not use it to inspire others, attract your ideal client so you can help more people, and grow your biz?

It’s not for me to convince you to do it, but what I can do is show you four reasons you should, at a minimum, consider it.

Your story is unique to you but can be an inspiration to many.

I love Winnie the Pooh – such a wise bear he is 😊

“I’m scared,” said Piglet.
“A story will help,” said Pooh.
“Oh. Don’t you know? Stories make your heart grow.”

(Milne, 1979)

People go thru similar things, and even though your story is unique to you, it can inspire others to change their lives for the better in ways you’d never imagine. Why do you think movies and books are so beloved? Because we develop connections with the characters, we learn from them and get inspired.   

Your story is as powerful as any blockbuster movie. Through it, you can create a real bond and connection with your ideal clients. Because people buy from those who they know, connect with, and get to like and trust. 

Part of my story brought me to this moment. Creating my coaching business with a mission to empower women to build wildly successful businesses with no overwhelm. Why am I so focused on eliminating the overwhelm? Because of what happened to me 3 years back. It had such an impact on me that I decided to help as many women as I can to avoid it. And here is how I’m doing it lately.

People learn best through stories

Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to teach and learn. I remember always begging my grandmother to tell me goodnight fairy tales that she learned from her mother and grandmother. They were stories you couldn’t find in books and always carried deeper meaning about values. They taught me more about being kind and respectful to others than anything else.

So what do you want your audience to learn from you? What message does your brand carry? You can use your story to convey powerful and inspiring messages. 

Your story co-creates your brand.

As a solopreneur, your story helps you create your brand and be unique. It helps to cut through all the noise out there, you must stand out.

Is screaming louder, going to help you? Can you invent new colors that no one else is using? That can be a tall order. Even though don’t get me wrong, the colors will enhance and showcase your brand.

Screaming only adds to the noise. Colors look great but are not powerful enough on their own. Your story is what makes the hole in the wall fo noise like a river in a hag stone and flows through to reach those who need it.

And yes, I can almost hear thoughts coming up for you now (because I had them too πŸ˜₯) …

… my story is not remarkable; who’d be inspired by it?

… what if people criticize me for sharing it?

… nothing is exciting about it …

What I want to tell you here is that all those thoughts ARE NOT TRUE. Your story has some serious power to help others, help you stand out, and grow your business. And you won’t even know how much power it has until you start using it.

When people resonate with it, they will share it with others.

I saved the best reason for last. Because you’ll inspire and help others, your story will spread. People love to share stories that helped them in life.

Remember the last time you recommended a book or movie you loved to your friends? Or the last time you shared a powerful TED Talk on your feed for others to see? Yes! That was a story that impacted you, and you wanted that impact to carry on.

The same will happen with your brand story. People who will resonate with it, who will feel inspired, will share it with others. And word of mouth is one of the best marketing strategies there is.

So are you convinced now? Will you take this blog and use it as your motivation to craft and share your story? I hope that you will. If you don’t know how to go about it and start, then schedule a free consult with me here. I’ll give you some tips 😊.

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