5 Reasons Why You’re Not as Highly Productive as You Want and What You Can Do About It

Have you ever felt like your workdays are nonstop “busy work”? Have you tried a bunch of productivity tips that were supposed to help you move the needle in your business and life, but nothing really worked long-term?

And now you often wonder how highly-successful people do it all: run multiple multi-million dollar businesses, are visible everywhere, seem to be happy, relaxed, and not stressed while having time for self-care and their loved ones …

What I can assure you is that high-performance is real. That you can achieve more, create extraordinary results in your business and life without being always “busy,” stressed, and overwhelmed.

And today, I want to share with you 5 reasons why all the productivity tips you tried so far didn’t work or bring the results you expected.

1. Approaching the tips with “it’s not going to work for me” attitude

Most people do not like change. And of course, introducing any new tools (“tips”) into our day to day routines means we’d need to change something and adapt. That’s why many people, before trying something new, find many reasons why these particular productivity tips wouldn’t work for them. The list of excuses can be long and creative.

As a result, many people never even try and stop the improvement journey at the “wannabe” stage.  Or from those who do try, they approach it with “it’s not going to work” mindset, subconsciously self-sabotaging themselves and squashing any chance of success. When you apply “it’s not going to work” attitude to anything, it will lead to poor results so that the inner you can stay congruent with its thoughts and say, “See! I told you so!”

My advice then is, whenever you want to learn something new, have an open mind. Forget about things you know or things someone else told you about the subject. Become like a curious child that wants to explore the unknown treasure chest. Have an open mind, learn, and implement the things you learn. The real change and progress happen only in doing.

2. All or nothing mindset

Secondly, perfectionism is a killer of any new endeavor. Let’s say you decided to try scheduling your tasks into your calendar. Out of the 4 times, you did it in the first week; 2 times, you somehow couldn’t stick to the schedule because “life happened.” Some people will adopt the “see, I told you it’s not going to work” attitude and drop the tool altogether, even if the other 50% of the time it worked well. They won’t even take time to realize and acknowledge the benefits those two times that worked brought them.

The thing is no one is perfect. And it’s the trial and error attitude coupled with time are precisely what allows us to create long-lasting positive changes in our lives.

3. Lack of patience

Like most amazing things in life and business, high-performance is a journey. You don’t just go from stress and overwhelm, continually running like a hamster in a spinning wheel to the calm, Zen, and extra productive entrepreneur in one day or after applying 2-3 tips for a week.

Unfortunately, not many people have the patience to develop beneficial things in their lives in the current instant gratification world. Many are looking for some magic “get rich or super productive or calm” quick tools that really do not exist.

John Wooden, an American basketball player, and coach, said it best.

Good things take time, as they should. We shouldn’t expect good things to happen overnight. Actually, getting something too easily or too soon can cheapen the outcome.

John Wooden

4. Trying to fit your life into the productivity tips

One of the things I see and coach my clients on is that you need to see how new tips fit into your current day to day whenever you learn and apply them in your life.

It’s not necessarily about you trying to fit your life into “the shoe,” but actually adjusting the shoe (tips) to work with your current lifestyle. Why? Because it makes it easier to adopt and stick with it. And the key to high-performance is to slowly, piece by piece, create routines and a system that helps you become highly effective.

It’s hard to do that, though, when you try to turn your current lifestyle upside down right away. No wonder people give up and drop the idea altogether. So, if you try to establish a morning routine thinking, you need to get up at 5 am, but you’re a night owl and go to bed at 1 am, of course, it won’t work. But what if you establish that routine at 9 am or whatever time it is you want to wake up?

5. Treating high-performance as a bunch of tips, not a system

If you treat time management techniques just as tools, loosely related to each other without an overall look at how all of them affect your life, you might become organized and productive but still not become a true high-performer.

High-performance is a lifestyle. It’s creating a system of routines and habits strengthened by a proper mindset that allows you to create time for anything that is important to you at any time in your life and actually accomplish what you decided to accomplish.

And I get it that all I’m telling you here might seem not possible and out there. I was there myself over 3 years ago. I was actually burnt out, never imagining that one day I’d be helping others redefine what they can do with the time they have.

Here’s a sneak peek of my story & journey to high-performance and into the details of the High-Performance Kickstart program.

If you’re really serious about taking back control of your time, eliminating constant stress and overwhelm, becoming clam, and overhauling your idea of what you can achieve, then take a look at the video and the program details. The registration is open, and time to get your spot is limited!

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