Why Any Business Success Starts with Self-Love

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Self-Love has become THE BUZZ WORD lately. And you know what, I’m glad that it has. Because without self-love, it’s tough to become successful at anything, your business included.

“So what’s self-love, and why is it so important to my business success?” you ask.

Read on and find out.

Let’s start with the definition.

When I think about it, for me, self-love means:

  • self-respect and self-appreciation;
  • respecting our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls by doing what’s best for us now and in the long run;
  • treating ourselves the way we treat others we love the most (kids, parents, siblings, best friends);
  • not beating ourselves up for the smallest mistakes or speaking negatively to ourselves in a way we would never talk to a friend.

Self-love is dynamic. It evolves and grows as we practice it.

How would you define self-love? Take 3 mins and write down what it means to you …

So now that you’ve done it, let’s explore how it translates to success in business.

Energy, enthusiasm, empathy.

When you show up with those 3 E’s regularly, you will attract your ideal client through your passion, positivity, and understanding of their problems. You’ll be able to show them how you can help them in a way that energizes and motivates them to action.

Taking care of your mental and physical health through nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, and other self-care practices will fill you with 3 E’s. Empathy starts with us first. When we have it for ourselves, we can also show it to others.

Doing what’s right for you and your business.

The same way we all know what to do to be healthy, we also know what foundational things are needed to achieve business results. Strategy, consistent marketing & sales, serving your clients the best you can.

And yet we don’t always do what we know we should so we can have what we want.

Why? Because it takes time, it’s work, and the rewards don’t come instantaneously.  Doing what we told ourselves we will do, and when we said we’d do is self-love. And it’s indispensable to achieving the results we’re looking for.

It’s hard to be patient long enough to build habits and routines to stay consistent, but not impossible. Self-love builds patience and consistency.

Valuing your self-worth

With self-love, you value yourself and your work. You are more confident in yourself as a business owner and your pricing. It’s much easier to find clients when you project that. Because either you’re confident you can help them with your solutions (and they trust you about that) or they’re confident you can’t.

Believing in your self-worth also helps with escaping the dangers of self-comparison. In the social media age, the comparison is hard to avoid. It can be destructive to your self-esteem and, with it, your business growth. 

We all get into this mindset from time to time. But when you love yourself, it’s easier to get out of the comparison black hole. It’s easier to remind yourself how precious and amazing you are. And that your journey is unique. That’s why your clients love you – not because you’re trying to be someone else but because you are you.

Changing the narrative.

With self-love, we take back control of our lives and business. We change the narrative from “I should do this or that” (as if someone was forcing us to do it) to “I chose to,” “I want to do this.” When we want to and chose to do something, it doesn’t feel like a chore, like an imposed action that our minds rebel against. Taking ownership of your decisions aligns your mind and heart with them. It’s much easier to take action consistently.

So what are your favorite ways to practice self-love?

I have many simple ones that don’t even cost much money. Taking a bath, reading, self-development, meditating, spending time with the loved ones, and admiring nature.

Are you doing enough of them? Are they part of your day to day routine? If not, I challenge you to chose a few practices and find ways to include one of them in your daily routine starting today.

Don’t know what to do or how to do it? I can help 😊. So no excuses anymore, schedule a free consult with me here, and let me get the self-love working magic for you and your business!

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