10 Thoughts Killing Your Business Dream and How to Fight Them

Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.
Steve Maraboli

Most of us can be our own worst critics. And when those moments happen, the negative thoughts in our mind can shut down our confidence, lower self-esteem, and kill pretty much any dream and million $ idea we have. That’s why learning how to turn these thoughts around and make your mind works for you, not against you, is one of the keys to entrepreneurial success.

So what are the ten most common thoughts killing your business dream? And how can you get overcome them? Read on and find out.

1. It will never work.

Usually, additional thoughts that aren’t too helpful follow this one: “it’s a slow market,” “there are too many people doing the same thing already,” etc. The underlying root of these thoughts is the lack of belief that you can succeed and make your dream a reality.

The thing is, we’re responsible 100% for our actions and how we react to circumstances that happen to us. Those who embrace that mindset take control back into their life. They have hope and can act on it.

Reminding yourself of past successes or progress you made so far, despite the adversity you’ve encountered, is a great way to turn these thoughts into the belief that you can achieve anything you desire.

2. It’s not the right time to do it.

Or other variations of it: “I’m too old,” “I’m too young,” “I’ll do it when …”.

I learned that the same as with having kids, there’s never a “perfect” moment to start something important in our lives. If we procrastinate too much, the moments will pass sooner than we realize. The best time to act on your million $ business idea is when they come to your mind. Even if it’s just writing them down in the notebook, otherwise, within 5 mins, our mind will either talk us out of it or forget it altogether.

And once you’ve written it down, take intentional time to sit down and plan it out more. Think of the steps you could take in the next little while to start implementing the idea. When you have a plan, start implementing it step by step.

3. What will others think of me if I do it

It’s though to be vulnerable; to put yourself out there and expose yourself to a potential risk of criticism by others or lack of support from the ones you care most about.

But on the flip side, do you want others’ opinions and perceptions shape how you live your life? What you do and what you don’t? The vulnerability allows you to take charge of your life and do things that are important to you, making you happy. In your business, it will attract your ideal clients!

Affirmations help me and my clients believe in our capabilities and let go of worrying about what others think of us. Try ones that you believe in, and you won’t believe the difference they make 😉.

4. I’m too busy as it is to do it

We all have 24/7/365, and yet some people seem never to have it enough, while some are achieving incredible things.

Not having enough time is quite a common excuse. My take on it is if you know what you want, you can create time for it. The secret to having time is making it for the things that are important to us.

As I write this blog, I have a full time demanding corporate leadership role; I run my coaching practice; I’m in the middle of completing an online executive MBA; I volunteer and am a mom in a blended family of 4 kids. How do I do it and still have time for self-care and not burn out? I created time for all those things. I established routines and learned high-performance habits that allow me to be highly effective with my time.

Now I teach those techniques as part of my business coaching to empower women to build wildly successful businesses without the overwhelm. If you’re interested in knowing more, then reach out to me here.

5. I can’t afford to do it now.

Like with time, how we spend our money tells a lot about what we truly value: material things or experiences, spend items or investments (ex. a new purse vs. a book).

Running a business requires investments that may or may not pay off in the future. It requires taking risks. No business is successful without it. However, as leaders, we can minimize the risk and find creative ways to figure things out.

How do you do that? Market research, prototyping, and Beta testing are great ways to reduce cost and risk when launching a new offering.

Collaborations and bartering are great ways to get outsourcing help without the exchange of money. And the list goes on.  As Marie Forleo says: Everything is figureoutable and I 100% believe that as well.

6. I’m not good enough to be successful.

Followed by “Who would ever buy from me,” “Who do I think I am, thinking that this could work.”

The imposter syndrome is familiar to many, even the most successful people. I wrote a separate blog on how to deal with it.

Journaling and affirmations will help you with this thought as well. And there’s another powerful thing I want to mention here. It’s your associations. It’s critical to surround yourself with people who will support you, believe in you, and help you succeed.

These people can be your fellow entrepreneurs, mentors, coaches, friends, and family people who already achieved what you want to in their businesses. They will lift you when you’re feeling down, teach you things that will help you get stronger, faster, and smarter and show you that anything is possible for those who want to go after it.

7. I’m scared of failing.

Here there is always a lot of “what if’s.” But this is focusing your whole energy on the future, something that doesn’t exist. Don’t get me wrong; it’s good to be realistic and prepare for certain risks, have a plan B. That gives you a peace of mind.

But once you have it, it’s time to focus on the present and things you can control. Because your choices now that lead to action or inaction are the ones shaping your future.

8. I’m good where I am; I don’t need to change anything.

If that’s really the truth, then stay where you are, why change? But if deep down, you know that this is a dream killer thought, then it’s time to act.

Journal. Write up your dream ideal life five years from now. How would it look like? Where would you be? What would you do?

Then write down what your life will look if you don’t do anything. Read it out loud. Think about how does it make you feel?

Most people will not change if they are cozy and comfortable. So if you’re there but have a nagging feeling you want more, then create discomfort that will motivate you to action. Picturing yourself in 5-10 years can be a great way to do that.

9. But it’s so much work, where do I even start.

Building a dream business is a lot of work, especially in the beginning. But hey, you’re creating your dream, isn’t that exciting?  It’s the journey that makes us better human beings, that’s fun and memorable.

But if in the beginning, you feel overwhelmed and can’t take the first step, talk to someone.  Through my free strategy sessions, I help many women gain clarity on what next steps they should take to get unstuck and keep moving forward.

10. What if I try this or this, wait this is even better.

Shiny object syndrome – if not a dream killer, it becomes a dream-delayer. Establishing momentum in your business takes time and those who aren’t patient enough fall prey to believing that this technique or this strategy will deliver their dreams super fast and without too much work. They end up switching from one thing to another, losing all the momentum gained from the previous strategies.

Consistency, patience, and sticking with the established strategy long enough is what will help you fast-track your business success. It’s establishing habits and routines that support your chosen plan.

Don’t fall for the “make a million in 3 months” promises. If it ever happens to anyone, it’s like winning a lottery – the likelihood for it is close to zero. Growing a 6-8 figure business takes time, resilience, strategy, and consistency. And yes, it’s possible! Any person who truly got there and stayed will tell you that.

If you don’t know what business strategy is best for you, then reach out. I’ll help you create one that makes you stand out and attract your ideal client.

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