Winning Tactics to Nurture Your Audience Through Email Marketing

Having an e-mail list, filled with your ideal clients, is still the most effective way not only to sell your offering but also to build strong relationships with them. And that’s what the essence of modern marketing is, which boils down to 3 key points:

  1. Becoming visible to let your ideal clients, so they know you exist;
  2. Letting them know you can help them solve their issues and reach their goals;
  3. Building strong relationships with them based on trust and emotional connection.

E-mail marketing is one of the most effective ways to achieve the last two points and with it eventually sales of your offer. Moreover, you own your e-mail list. Unlike your social media platforms, where it’s the platform provider that’s in complete control of your account. Don’t get me wrong, social media is great too, especially for visibility and can, of course, accomplish the other two roles of marketing. However, you also need to utilize it to build your e-mail list.

With this mind, I’m sharing with you three winning tactics to nurture your audience through e-mail marketing.

1. Get the Basics Right 

Before we get into content, there’re some basics that you should consider when you start.

First, I’m not going to talk about software here too much as there are many articles out there that make a fantastic comparison, and I’m not expert in these by any means. However, the one tip I have for you is to ensure that you can create mobile-friendly e-mails. It’s because nowadays your audience will read over 65% of your e-mails from their mobiles. And that number only keeps increasing.

Second, ensure that your copies are well written and always delivering value. By well written, I mean a copy that’s engaging, conversational in style, and using your ideal client’s language. This way they’ll feel like you’re talking directly to them, understand them, and can help them.
Of course, proof-read for any spelling or grammar mistakes to catch as many as possible before releasing the campaign out to the world 😊.

Third, get your audience’s attention by creating a catchy subject line. Even though e-mail marketing is still the most effective out there, people receive a lot of e-mails. Not only do they communicate via e-mail in their day to day life but also are subscribed to many other things. It’s the subject line that will entice them to open your e-mail.

Your content can be world-class, but if no one opens it to read it, you won’t be able to build and nurture a relationship. If you’re not sure how to create catching titles, I can help you brainstorm about it. You can book a free brainstorming session with me here.

2. Nail the Welcome Email

The first e-mail you’ll ever send to an ideal client that subscribed to your email list is the most important one. It’s your chance to create a connection and get them interested enough on what you have to offer so that they’ll want to read more in the future.

Therefore, first ensure to deliver the value you promised the subscriber when they first decided to give you their name and e-mail address. Don’t delay the delivery of that promise either. Schedule the email, so it sends right away.

Next, depending on the circumstances of how your ideal client subscribed, introducing yourself just a little bit will help them get to know you better.

Lastly, let the client know how staying subscribed to your list will benefit them in the future.

3. Nurture through consistency, value, and diversity 

Once you have an e-mail list, whether it consists of 10 or 10,000 subscribers, you need to nurture them. Consistency is key here. And trust me, I’m not saying to bombard people with e-mails a day as this is too much but committing to a frequency that works for you and sticking with it no matter what.

So set the minimum you can do. For example, once a week and then if sometimes you can do more that’s great! But at least your audience will hear from you and benefit from your content once a week.

Last but not least, to keep your audience away from boredom, interested and engaged by presenting them with a variety of content in a style that reflects who you are. No matter what type of content you put out there (ideas below), make it yours, show your personality and uniqueness. That’s what people will love and come back to.

Here are just a few content ideas:


Everyone loves to learn, especially if it helps them get closet to their dreams. And since you know the dreams of your ideal client, this should be easy 😊. Whether it’s content you created, or you share educational information from other experts, your audience will appreciate it.


We all need inspiration. Even on the best of the day, it feels great to receive it, to have our spirits uplifted. And especially now, amidst the COVIS crisis, inspiring and encouraging words will go a long way.

Exclusive content

From time to time, share exclusive content with your subscribers. Whether it’s early access to your freebie, discount on your newest offer, or behind the scenes preview of a project you’re working on. This way, you’ll make them feel special and valued. Who doesn’t like that?

Market Research

You know, people love being asked for advice and giving it. We all love to help genuinely from the heart. So, don’t hesitate to do your market research through e-mail. What better audience do you have to ask about your newest idea than the people whom the fruits of that idea should serve?

Casual Conversation

And don’t forget that your audience are real humans 😉. Send an e-mail from time to time with the sole purpose of starting a real human to human exchange. It will show that you care about people as holistic human beings, not just potential buyers of your offer.

To sum up, e-mail marketing is an amazing way to connect and build relationships with your ideal clients and through that grow your business. It’s because it builds the trust-know-like factor that is soo important in growing any business. Every e-mail you send will show your audience a bit more about who you are and allow them to love you more. With that comes the responsibility of integrity, value, and consistency. But hey, I know you can deliver that no problem!

So good luck in growig your e-mail list and nurtuting your audience!

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