How to Help Your Business Thrive in These Trying Times

Are you scared lately? I am. It’s a normal reaction we as a human being have in times like this. We’re all dealing with the crisis that the global community hasn’t experienced in a long time.

But, today I want to help you use that fear to bring light to your business rather than contract you into overwhelm and paralysis. There are things you can do to help your business thrive. I want to talk about possibilities and opportunities so that most of your focus and attention goes there.

It’s very easy right now to get into a spiral of despair. However, those of us who stay informed but guard our minds while focusing on what we can do are those who will thrive when this crisis is over. And it will be over.

So are you with me? Are you ready to take control over what you can and act? Great! Read on then. Because below, you’ll find the things you can do now to help your business thrive. 

It’s Strategy Time

First, as a business coach, I’m all about strategy always. It’s the strategy that helps us move our businesses towards the vision faster. Why? Because it’s creative, proactive, and smart. It gives everything we do sense and direction. It prevents chaos and ensures we utilize out limited resources (ex. time and money) in the best possible way. 

So, if you haven’t tried using strategy to your benefit before, now it’s the time. It’s time to relook at your business and see if it’s aligned. See how you can redirect and reallocate its resources to respond to the current situation and keep helping your clients. Maybe it’s time to shift or tighten your positioning message or get clearer on who your ideal client is, or just tweak your offering.

Being strategic is fun. It taps into your creativity and analytical skills. But if this sounds too complicated or you’re not sure how and where to start, then schedule a free strategy session with me, and I’ll help you out. Click here to book it. 

Talk to Your Clients and Be the Solution

Second, if there was ever a perfect time to build and strengthen relationships with your existing clients, it is now. Reach out to them. See how they are doing. Schedule a virtual chat with them. They are at home and available to talk more than ever. 

Do that to encourage your clients, but also to see how you can help them. If you focus on being of help, on being the solution to the new problems, then you’ll position your business ahead of those who’re doing nothing paralyzed by fear or just trying to wait this situation out. 

You’ll also shift your mindset from that of fear and helplessness to being helpful and focusing on others. It will propel you to action and have a hugely positive influence on your morale. I challenge you to try it :). 

Keep it Simple

Third, I’m a huge fan of simplicity. In fact, it’s one of my core values. Simplicity gives us focus and keeps the overwhelm at bay. For this reason, look at your offerings, processes, and systems and see how can you make them simpler. It’s springtime anyway, so it’s high time to prune your business garden a little. Focusing only on the essential core things in your business, along with talking to your clients, will help you with extreme focus. It can also bring you new creative ideas you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

Add Value

Last but not least, when your creative juices start flowing again, channel them fully into helping your clients. Think of how you can add value to them, be the solution, the light in their tunnel. It doesn’t have to mean giving your business out for free. The only way you can be of help is when your business is viable. 

It’s important to realize that there are many other ways you can add value to your clients. Outside of pivoting and focusing your offering this way, maybe you can use your support network to help them. Connecting people with others whom they need is adding value. Sharing information, providing moral support or even some laughs is adding value. Investing in your growth, personal development that your clients will benefit from is adding value as well. With this in mind, I’m sure you can come up with at least five more ideas on how you can add value to your clients right now.

To conclude, I want to inspire you to action.

Don’t let the fear contract you. Use it to focus on helping your clients and being strategic in your business. You are its leader, and now it’s the time to step up to that role. 

You don’t need to slow down. You can redirect your attention, get more clarity, and through it – extreme focus. Then again, if you feel like you can’t do it alone and feel overwhelmed, then don’t hesitate to reach out. I offer free strategy sessions to anyone to help you organize it all in your mind and decide on the next steps. Take me up on the offer, and you won’t be disappointed. I’m all about adding value, always. All you need to do is schedule one by clicking here 

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