Why Business Alignment Is Something, You Can’t Afford to Ignore.

Have you ever heard of the alignment in the business context? Or just your health and body? Even if you only heard about the latter, there are many similarities between the two and three main things you must know right away and can’t afford to ignore about achieving alignment in your business.

Just like with your body, you achieve results faster, more efficiently, and with less “injuries” along the way, when all the aspects of the business are aligned. Alignment also helps all your major business systems to function more effectively and efficiently, which in turn brings you higher profits and supports the fulfillment of your long-term dream.

So how does the alignment look in your business?

1.     Your DREAM

I’m sure you started your business for a reason. You have a purpose, a long term dream you’d like to achieve. And that’s amazing. If you have that, then your business vision, mission, and values need to align with it. Those are the long-term foundations of your business that don’t change much, support the purpose and guide you on the how’s, i.e., strategies that will allow you to get there.

Have you ever gone through the exercise of establishing these foundations for your business? And if you did, have you aligned them with your higher purpose and vision for you?

If your answer is no, then don’t waste more time and do it. With my free Clarity & Focus training guiding you, it’ll take less than 1 hour, and the benefits you’ll get are many. Here are the top 3:

  • You’ll start your alignment journey, and from there, you can move to strategies (marketing, branding, sales, etc.) and the plan that’ll help you achieve your Dream.
  • You’ll gain lots of Clarity on what’s essential in your business and with that Focus that gets rid of procrastination.
  • You’ll make the best decisions possible for the sustained growth of your business.

If these three reasons got you thinking about the benefits of creating your business foundations, then click here to download the FREE Clarity & Focus training, find out seven more benefits and start using them all for yourself.

2.     Your PLAN

Once you have the foundations set, you now can start aligning the “how’s” to them and each other:

  • How do you make your business visible by marketing?
  • How do you talk to your ideal client (messaging and who is your ideal client)?
  • How are you pricing your products or services?
  • How are you delivering them?
  • How are you managing your finances?
  • How are you utilizing your most precious resource: time?

After creating and aligning these strategies,  it’ll be easy to develop PLANs to implement them. Whenever I do that with my clients, they’re so excited they can’t wait to go out there and start doing.

3.     The DOING

Business alignment brings excitement and belief that everything will work well, just like your body. You feel amazing and just know that you’ve chosen the shortest way to fulfill your Dream. There’s nothing more motivating to the action than that. 

This is exactly why entrepreneurs whose businesses are aligned have no issues with procrastination or overwhelm. They go out there, implement their plans, and when they face challenges, adjust and keep growing.

Because when the Dream, the Plan, and the Doing are aligned, magic happens.

Lastly, I wanted to play a trivia game and ask you a question.

Do you know what chiropractors and business coaches have in common?

If you never tired the services of a chiropractor for your body, I highly recommend it. Even though you might be taking care of your body through stretching, movement, and a healthy diet, with time, stress, and challenges, your body will lose the alignment. That’s why I highly recommend getting chiropractor’s help regularly. Every time I go and get adjusted, I feel like I was born again :0) ready to conquer the world. In fact, I’ve just got re-born back this weekend 😉.

By the same token, aligning your business regularly with an expert like a business coach will create the optimal results for your business.

As a business coach, I use my DREAM-PLAN-DO coaching model to help you avoid a lot of mistakes and frustrations, work smart, and not just hard. And with the alignment we achieve in our business, you achieve results far beyond what you could have accomplished without it.  So, if now you’re wondering how such alignment would work for your business and would like to talk about it, click here and schedule a free consult call with me.

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