What Diamonds and Bees Can Teach You on How to Become a High-Performing Businessowner.

Nature is all about systems and structures built to fit together into the most amazing ecosystems anywhere on earth. Think tiny ants living in colonies, or bees in their hives, or vast ecosystems like lakes, seas forests, or even desserts. If humans don’t interfere, every one of them is perfectly balanced. 

Mother Nature knows that designing fully optimized systems allows them to achieve harmony and their fullest potential. Moreover, it’s not only the ingredients that decide on the systems’ performance but also how they’re connected; their structure can make a massive difference in what she can achieve. Let me show you two examples.

Difference between graphite and diamond

Take graphite and diamond, for example. Those two rocks are composed of the exact same ingredient – carbon. How can they be so different then?

The reason behind the fact graphite and carbon are pretty much each other’s opposites hides behind the crystal structure in each rock.

As you see in the above picture, the carbon atoms in graphite are arranged in an infinite array of layers. It’s this structure that makes the rock brittle, an excellent electricity conductor, and gives it the black color.

On the other hand, the diamond’s structure is three dimensional and rigid. In makes diamond the hardest rock there is, gives it extraordinary strength and durability. Because of it, it’s very resistant to compression and it can scratch any other materials. Diamond is the hardest material there is. It’s the best-known conductor of heat, conducting up to five times the amount that copper does. Diamond also conducts sound, but not electricity.

Moreover, diamonds disperse light, which you know from the beautiful jewelry created from them. As a result, the gemstone acts as a prism to separate white light into rainbow colors. The greater the dispersion, the better the spectrum of colors dispersed. It’s what gives rise to the “fire” and “brilliance” of diamonds.

Let’s move on now to the 2nd more “living” example from Mother Nature.

Honeybees and their hives.

The hive of honeybees’ colony is a fantastic system that serves the bees not only as a home but also as a place to produce the golden syrup, called honey. Who doesn’t love honey? As kids, we learn about its goodness from parents and Winnie the Pooh. It’s sweet and sticky and sooooooo healthy.

However, let’s go back to our topic on structures. You know that bees chose the shape of a hexagon to create their honeycombs. Do you know why though? Because as the most amazing mathematicians, they figured out that hexagon will give them the most optimal outcome they needed: maximum storage with no wasted space.

Why is it so crucial to the bees, you ask? There are two main reasons. Firstly, the hive has a dual purpose: it acts as bees’ home and honey storage. Secondly, a bee needs to eat 8 oz of honey (lots of nectar to collect) to be able to produce only 1 oz of wax for the comb – talking about hard work!

If, for example, bees chose a circle as their shape, which gives them maximum storage, they’d have lots of wasted space in between. Hexagon is ideal for their high-performance ecosystem. Just look at the picture below.

So what does all have to do with you then, a business owner, and your high-performance?

Let me tell you, A TON. Just like Mother Natures designs its environments with extreme precision and plan, if you design and develop a structure in your life, you to can reach your fullest potential: in your business and life overall. In other words, the achievement of your full potential won’t happen on its own, though, by fluke or a chance. You need to be intentional and strategic about it. It’s hard to fly a plane without knowing the final destination. You can burn a lot of fuel, land somewhere random, and not be entirely happy with the outcome. 

I’ve chosen a hexagonal shape, the shape of diamonds molecules, and a honeycomb, to help you visualize what I’m talking about.

To achieve your full potential, you need to expand and develop your capacity in all six areas slowly. Equally, keeping them in balance will allow you to feel fulfilled and happy. 

Your heart is your emotions, and through emotions, you develop relationships not only personal but also professional. Being able to manage your emotions leads to deep and meaningful relationships.

Building your spiritual strength by knowing your values and what you stand for allows you to develop faith and hope that no matter the circumstances, you can find a solution to any challenges you face. 

Your mind is your skills, creativity, ability to learn, manage time, set strategic goals, and work toward achieving them.

Your body is your vessel; without which you cannot do anything you want to accomplish. Taking care of your body by nourishing it well, moving it, and managing stress imposed on it is key to your well-being.

Your business is your way to provide for you and your family, to help people you want to help. It’s also a vessel to fulfill the purpose you set for it, your dream. Growing it strategically will ensure that you’ll achieve the goals you set without burning yourself out.

Lastly, finances as a whole provide the financial freedom you dream about. If left unattended and unplanned for, like anything, they will take their course you might not like.

Closing thoughts

I hope that this article made you realize how important creating the right system and structure is to achieve the dreams and goals you have. Just using the same ingredients as other successful people is not enough. Diamond and graphite are made of the same element: carbon and look at how different structures they are.

All in all, the ingredients to high-performance and achieving your full potential as a leader of your business and life are available to you at the fingertips for free. Thanks to Google, you can find hundreds of thousands of free articles and videos on the subject. So why not everyone who has internet and access to all these resources is becoming a high-achieving successful business owner?

It’s because there is so much information out there that it becomes overwhelming. As a result, people give up, not knowing where to start.

Given this, it’s also hard to distill all this info, pick only the essential components, and then implement them into your personal and business life to achieve top results. What’s also missing that is equally important is motivation and inspiration when times get tough, and you feel like quitting halfway through your journey. 

That’s why my 3-step coaching framework
will guide you step by step on how to create a high-performance system that works for your unique situation.
It will help you prepare for the New Year and make 2020 your best year ever!

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