Why Do You Love Your Business?

I’m super happy to present to you my first blog collaboration with Brittany Gregory, the CEO of Leeann Minton Virtual Assistance.
Brittany wrote a piece on her passion for doing what she is doing. Enjoy the read!

Ask me how much joy I feel on a scale of 1-10 when it comes to doing business and I will tell you 1 billion!

Yes that is right I am filled with so much joy and gratitude for having taken the steps to actually grow and promote my skills these last few months that my joy level is at an all time high.

Hello my name is Brittany Gregory and though I typically write under the pseudonym of Leeann Minton I wanted to utilize my legal name today so you can see the real me. A behind the scenes view if you will.

You are probably asking yourself about now, so how did you come to find so much Joy in your business and what is it that you actually do?

I am a content creation specialist, I help my clients by researching and developing content for their websites, blogs, and social media accounts. I also develop systems to help streamline and speed up the content development process.

I started off as a just a hobbyist freelancer, but in December of 2018 realized If I truly wanted to be happy in life I needed to make some real changes within myself, including getting serious about my career. I knew it was possible to run a full time writing and research business, I had just never put in the full required effort to make my freelance hobby a full business.

Knowing I needed to push forward and discover my own happiness, I made it my goal in 2019 to be pro-active and start growing my business, this did not come as easy as just doing more of what I had already been doing inconsistently for 4 years. No, it required a complete change of mindset on my own part.

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”
Oprah Winfrey

The 3 steps I took to discovering the Joy of Doing Business:

Step 1: I started practicing gratitude.

Everyday I end my day with the 5 things I am most grateful for. Not everyday is easy in terms of things so be grateful for, but I always manage to find 5 things, some days I could write down even more. You have probably heard people say to give gratitude, but haven’t started the practice yourself. I was one of those people who thought it sounded silly, however I remembered my mom making me write down or tell her 3 good things that happened to me each day, when she knew I had not had the best of days. Her theory was you can’t sit in misery, because it only breeds more misery. She was right. I have found more joy not just in my business, but also in my children, my husband, and myself since starting this practice of writing 5 things I am grateful for each day.

Step 2: I started talking to people

At first it was just in the online space, I would reach out more commented on more threads, joined more groups. At first I did this thinking it is what you are supposed to do in order to find clients and gain more business. While it has helped with that as well, it has also helped bring me more joy, as I no longer feel alone. I know there are other people out there, just like me who have also struggled with depression and anxiety and they are now kicking butt in their entrepreneurial endeavours.

Now thanks to the confidence I have received reaching out to people in the online space, I am more likely to reach out to those around me in day to day life as well. I have started making actual friends with people who live close by to me. As a result I am finding that I have more help than I actually thought I did. I have outlets for my children and ways to socialize without spending any money.

Step 3: I started taking care of myself

I had fallen so far, that I had stopped doing the basic things, showering, brushing my teeth, my hair, walking the dog!!! Yeah our poor dog, she would get to go out a few times a day, but she wasn’t actually getting real walks. I knew I needed to start getting outside more, so when I looked at the dog and realized she needed a walk, it occurred to me, why not start taking her for one long walk every day vs the three tiny little walks we were doing. (I still taking her on two short walks in the morning and afternoon.)

So I started taking her out on a long walk every evening I found it really helped me to clear my head before bed, so I kept doing it. I found myself feeling even greater joy in what I was doing. In fact if I skip my evening walk now I am really irritable and panicky the next day until I finally take her on our walk.

These might sound like really simple tasks, but for me they were life changing.

“Only passions, great passions, can elevate the soul to great things.” — Denis Diderot

By purposefully writing down what I was grateful for each day, I was able to see the little good things that were always happening to me and around me. This made me happier about everything. In reaching out to others and communicating I not only managed to grow my business, I also learned that I had more help than I ever previously imagined I could have.

In taking the first step of actually caring for and about my physical health I was able to process through so many of my business ideas, and formulate new ones. In addition, I increased my happiness and joy over all with the feel good endorphins that movement and fresh air naturally provide your body and brain.

By just doing these three small things I was able to change my mindset from one of dark sadness to one of happiness, and I was able to realize that just the act of sitting down to work makes me happy. Working, researching content, and developing content for clients brings me daily joy, and often gets marked down in my gratitude journal as something to be grateful for each day. Ultimately, I forced myself to look at the happiness working brings me, the joy I feel researching a new topic, or writing up a new post.

So tell me why do you love your business?

Brittany Gregory is the CEO of Leeann Minton Virtual Assistance, she is the mother of two little boys who are currently home with her full time. A love for research and writing, Brittany decided not long after becoming pregnant with her first, that she wanted her children to know that they could always follow their dreams and do what they love. Brittany develops written content for websites, blogs, and social media pages and works mostly with realtors and online coaches. Though she is always happy to take on new clients from niches outside of these sectors. Brittany’s is a qualitative research genius, and has hopes of one day growing Leeann Minton Virtual Assistance into a research firm catering to small businesses and grad students. To learn more about Brittany and the services provided by Leeann Minton Virtual Assistance please head over to www.leeannminton.net

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