The Journey to Great Leadership Begins

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Are leaders born or made?

I believe that leaders they are mostly made.  Yes, some people might have been born with pre-dispositions or talents that make it easier for them. But like in everything, talent is not enough.

To become a great leader you need skills that can be learned and have to be continuously improved.

To be a great leader is a personal development and team development journey that is challenging but greatly rewarding.

There are many, many quotes and definitions related to leadership … but for me, leadership is not a position or title that only some of us have or should “do”.

For me, leadership is action and example that each of us takes and gives every single day everywhere (at work or home, when interacting with employees or colleagues, clients or suppliers, kids, spouses or friends).

People follow actions, not words, that’s how we are wired, it is in our DNA.

We are all LEADERS all the time

One of the people that were and still is most inspirational for me was my grandfather.

Born in 1929 Poland to a fairly well-off family, had his childhood cut off early by World War II in which he served in the clandestine army, and in which he lost his father.

During the war, his family not only lost everything they possessed but also was forced to move hundreds of kilometers away from their home after Polish borders were changed.

He lived through the times of change from the era were any cars barely existed, through dictatorial communist regime to the free modern Poland of cars, planes, internet, and advanced technology.


Why did he inspire me?

Because he NEVER complained and always had a positive outlook on life no matter the circumstances he was in.

He changed and adapted to life and made best out of it. Intentionally or not, he was a leader that has been inspiring me all my life.

Leadership is practiced in actions

Thus my message to you is that whether we want it or not, whether we think about it or not, we are an example, an inspiration to someone every day.

And because of this, we should strive to always behave in a way that if copied by anyone we would be proud of them and ourselves.

Garanpa and I

Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and actions. — Harold S. Geneen

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